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Industries and Functions

The demand for trusted and legal digital signatures has never been greater. Fortunately, GMO Sign makes it easy to add digital signatures and seals to existing document workflows and applications, across industries and functions. Without having to build custom integrations, enterprises can start using GMO Sign to sign a variety of documents such as an offer letter, a sales agreement, a vendor PO, invoices, or an e-prescription.

Signing Challenges Faced by Enterprises

Enterprises often deal with a large volume of documents and contracts, and getting those signed; especially those that require signatures from multiple stakeholders, usually ends up being a long process. Instead of catering their time and energy to their customers or more strategic tasks, executives often find themselves buried by manual and repetitive document signing processes. GMO Sign streamlines the document signing process, removes workflow difficulties, and leads to significant savings in terms of cost and time.


Enterprises spend a lot on document management, in terms of costs arising from the signing, storage, filing, sending, stamping, archiving and retrieving of paper documents.


“Wet-ink” document signing is a manual, inefficient process that has a slow turnaround time.


Enterprises are often unsure about legality of signatures, available APIs, and storage of documents, preventing them from taking the step towards digital signing solutions.

Who Needs a Cloud-based Digital Signing Solution?

GMO Sign is for every industry, function, and organization that deals with documents and contracts. GMO Sign provides long-term, trusted digital signatures with a timestamping option to verify a signer’s identity, protect the content’s integrity, and ensure non-repudiation.

GMO Sign is great for those who want to…

GMO Sign Use Cases within an Enterprise

  • Contracts with Business Partners


  • Intergroup Transactions and Signing Needs

  • High Volume Document and Contract Signing

  • Collection of Application and Inspection Forms

Use Cases by Industry

  • Healthcare/Pharma

    • E-Prescriptions
    • Patient Onboarding
    • E-Reports and Bills
    • Consent Form Signing
    • Staff Onboarding
  • Travel and Tourism

    • E-Invoicing
    • Partner PO
    • Itineraries
    • E-Tickets
    • Policy Agreements
  • Education

    • Application Forms
    • Membership and Campus Policy Forms
    • Fee Receipts
    • E-Report Cards
    • Scholarship Forms
    • Other Policy Agreements
  • Insurance

    • Insurance Policy
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Insurance Broker’s Note
    • Claim Forms
    • Insurance Quotes

Use Cases by Function

  • GMO Sign Empowers Your Sales Team

    Reduce the length of your sales cycle with a seamless document signing process that will improve your customers' experience. By streamlining tedious, manual processes like approval forms and client purchase orders, your sales team’s productivity will also improve.

    • NDA between Enterprise and Partners
    • Proposals for customers and vendors
    • Invoices and Payments
    • Sales/Purchase Orders
    • Licensing Agreements
  • GMO Sign Reduces Paperwork for Your HR Department

    Simplify onboarding and recruitment processes, and let your HR executives focus on other strategic tasks.

    • Recruitment and Onboarding forms – offer letter, welcome letter, employee handbook, background check form
    • Enrollment Forms
    • Payroll records and internal approvals
    • Performance Management
    • Agreements, NDAs and Vendor Contracts
  • GMO Sign Supports Your Legal Department

    Secure your legal paperwork with trusted signatures and save them online for future use.

    • Legal Agreements Signing
    • NDAs
    • Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
    • Intellectual Property Licensing
    • Confidentiality Agreements


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Case Studies

GMO Sign is used extensively by many customers in Japan across various industries, including Software, Internet, Information Asset Management, Fitness, Real Estate, Transportation, Education, Software, and Gaming.

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