Security & Website Performance

GlobalSign SSL accelerates your secure website load speed. Every time a visitor makes a connection to a website using SSL their browser automatically requests a status on the validity of the Certificate. For GlobalSign SSL customers, this means your website visitor is left hanging for less time and your secure site loads faster!

A faster secure site, wherever your visitor is in the world


In the world of optimally performing websites, every millisecond counts. The less time a visitor waits for something to happen, the better.

Our monitoring and performance reports shows us that most browsers wait around half a second (500ms) for the CA to provide the status, referred to technically as revocation checking.

GlobalSign has set a new standard and reduced the time to between 50-70ms (some 8x or more speed improvement).

Through a collaboration with network performance specialist CloudFlare, GlobalSign now deploys revocation checking via a globally distributed CDN-modeled infrastructure. This means GlobalSign SSL Certificate validity statuses are delivered without delay, no matter where the visitor is in the world, all with 100% uptime, and with advanced protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attacks).

Traditionally Certificate Authorities operate datacenters in a single location. Instead of relying on just one datacenter to deliver all validity status requests, the request is made to the geographically nearest of 23+ datacenters. No matter where your visitors are in the world, they get one of the fastest and most reliable responses.

Previously only the larger websites on the Internet could receive these kinds of performance benefits by using a technology called OCSP stapling (and even this involved the website using its own infrastructure to deliver the responses on behalf of the CA). GlobalSign brings this kind of performance benefit to every website using our SSL Certificates.

For a comprehensive explanation of this innovation – check out the GlobalSign blog posting Making Secure Sites Load Faster.