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Think about the importance of a signature and how important is it to you and your business. As a modern equivalent to signing documents with paper and pen, signing documents digitally provides customer confidence, experience and trust in your business operations.

There are a number of reasons you may want to introduce and incorporate digital signatures into your business including efficiency, regulatory compliance, and increased security.


What's the Difference Between an Electronic Signature,
Digital Signature and an Electronic Seal?


An electronic signature is any data (e.g. signature) that's applied electronically as opposed to wet ink on a physical piece of paper.

An electronic signature does not confirm the content within a document, nor does it provide security and assurance.

A digital signature is an electronic signature that is backed by a digital certificate, providing proof of an identity.

Digital signatures comply with regulations around the world and provide the highest level of identity assurance because they are cryptographically bound to the signed document and can be verified.

An electronic seal is used to securely sign on behalf of the organization rather than an individual.

Like a digital signature, electronic seals are cryptographically bound and verified by a third-party. They can be used to sign in large volumes to authenticate the entity and integrity of a document.

What Type of Digital Signature Do I Need?

There are different types of digital signatures, with varying levels of assurance. Some types of digital signatures are designed to meet regulatory requirements such as eIDAS and PSD2.

We have a guide exploring the difference between advanced and qualified signatures and how they might be utilized.

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What Signing Solution Do I Need?

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Signing Solutions to Suit Your Business Needs

Our document signing solutions have been designed to offer options to suit your organization's needs.

  • Digital Signing Service

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    Digital Signing Service, a cloud-based solution, enables organizations to sign documents and seals quickly, easily and securely in high volumes to provide higher security and trusted assurance. With flexible integrations, digital signatures can be weaved into existing workflows.

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  • Qualified Signing Service


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    Qualified signatures and seals offer the highest level of assurance for the eIDAS regulation, and can only be issued by a QTSP. With the Qualified Signing Service, a cloud-based solution, each signing identity is verified and issues a qualified certificate.

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  • Adobe Approved Trust List
    (AATL) Signatures


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    Compliant with global regulations and standards, these digital signatures are suitable for Adobe Acrobat Sign with options on how employees can deploy them with USBs, HSM or Cloud-based.

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  • Qualified Trust Seals

    by DSS


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    Through GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service, Qualified Trust Seals enable organizations to automatically seal internal documents with a qualified level of identity trust.

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Here's What Our Customers Say

“The fact that GlobalSign does all the heavy-lifting for us is important. We’ve got a small development team. GlobalSign is a trusted provider with a strong global presence and history in this market”

– Michael Turner

Associate Product Manager, IRIS Software Group

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“GlobalSign gave us the flexibility and control we needed so that we could create a seamless and efficient experience for field representatives and customers.”

– Michael Fabry

Senior Developer/IT Manager, USAFact

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“GlobalSign’s digital signatures have been a huge success. Just the other day a partner signed a 150-page document that was immediately delivered to a client in minutes instead of days.”

– Michael Furgang

Application Services Manager, Clough Harbor & Associates LLP

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“We knew moving to an electronic workflow was our future, but the key was to find a solution that would produce legally viable documents that would also be easy for our sales agents to adopt.”

– Stuart Smith

Senior Vice President Information Systems, Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company

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  • Portfolio of document signing solutions to suit your organization's needs
  • Meet compliance and industry regulations such as eIDAS and PSD2
  • Scalable deployment options support businesses of all sizes