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Five Beneficial Features of Digital Certificates

Five Beneficial Features of Digital Certificates

In a world where the Internet of Things is only on its early stages, online security has never been this important. The need to protect corporate data from the rising number of cyberattacks should be the top priority of every institution this year. One way to boost your company’s cybersecurity is by getting your own digital certificates. Here are five features to convince you digital certificates are worth every penny.

Security – Simply put, digital certificates are the most practical option to securing your corporate data online. Digital certificates encrypt your internal and external communications to avoid outsiders and phishers from stealing sensitive information. A prime example of digital certificates would be SSL Certificates. SSL encrypts the communication between the web server and web browser, ensuring that the visitor’s data won’t be stolen by hackers lurking by.

Scalability – From small to large businesses, digital certificates can still provide you with the same quality of encryption. You can easily centralized the management of your certificates with the help of platforms such as Managed PKI. Digital certificates are so scalable, you can even use it to secure your BYOD devices. You can issue, revoke, and renew certificates from your entire company with just a few clicks.

Reliability – You might be thinking where do digital certificates come from. Institutions known as public trusted Certificate Authorities handle the issuance of digital certificates. Don’t worry, they don’t hand out certificates willy-nilly. Companies have to go through rigorous vetting before receiving their digital certificates, ensuring that no fake organizations can own digital certificates and fool more victims. CAs like GlobalSign always make sure to uphold security in every certificate they issue.                                              

Authenticity – In today’s age where an email or a website can be faked, digital certificates help make sure your message will come across to its intended recipients. While SSL Certificates encrypt your website, S/MIME encrypts and signs your emails and Document Signing Certificates signs your documents digitally. The combination of digital certificates add legal-binding power to your documents.

Public Trust – By ultimately encrypting your company website and digitally signing your documents and emails, you are projecting a positive reputation to your clients. Investing on cybersecurity lets your clients know that you value their privacy and security above all else. Cultivating trust is important in all types of business. After all, who doesn’t want to conduct business with a public-trusted company?

Hopefully, this short list of positive features helped you decide on getting digital certificates for your company. If you want to learn more about digital certificates, head down to our official website or sign up for our free white paper about SSL Certificates

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