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Convenient, Seamless, and Secure Identity Verification with SingPass Integration

Convenient, Seamless, and Secure Identity Verification with SingPass Integration

GlobalSign and SigniFlow’s partnership has taken a step further into protecting and authenticating digital signatures by integrating SingPass into SigniFlow’s platform. Since 2015, SigniFlow and GlobalSign have worked together to provide a robust digital signing platform and certificates for businesses and organizations worldwide.

SigniFlow is the first platform that has adopted the SingPass login integration for e-and digital-signing. By providing businesses with the option to log in through SingPass, businesses can authenticate the signatory’s identity faster without compromising security. With an easy authentication process, all users have to do is scan the QR code using their phone's QR code scanner, or if are viewing from mobile, simply tap the QR code to access. After that, users can log in via SingPass using fingerprint scan or their 6-digit passcodes and they can sign away.

SigniFlow’s document signing platform is user-friendly and provides all the necessary tools and features to create documents and have them signed, approved, and tracked.

The SingPass integration offers a secure and trusted digital identity for digitally signed documents. This integration is in line with Singapore’s National Digital Identity initiative to streamline identity authentication within one platform. A lot of businesses are already transitioning from traditional ink-on-paper signatures to digital ones. Digital signatures from GlobalSign are legally admissible* and comply with eIDAS regulations. Digital signatures provide authenticity and ensure that the signature is verified. (*Note: here is a list of territories that have existing regulations on digital signatures).

While there may be plenty of signature solutions around the world that provide a simplistic form of electronic signature, GlobalSign and SigniFlow provide a true cryptographic digital signature solution that follows international standards and regulations that provides the highest degree of assurance.

Signing documents should not be difficult

Companies worldwide are gradually incorporating digital signatures into their workflow. Gone are the days where documents have to be manually and physically sent and signed; often taking days to finish. Paper documents getting lost in transit will also be a thing of the past. The importance of identity authentication is increased in a world where tampering of physical documents have gotten harder to detect and ascertain. Digital signatures present a much more reliable way of signing and tracking documents, as they offer non-repudiation and timestamping features. The status of the documents can be tracked, counted, and securely stored without any hassle. It is also easier to monitor and search for documents when needed. And with this new SingPass login integration, you can now easily and seamlessly access these benefits.

About SigniFlow

Developed in 2013, SigniFlow has been working with companies and businesses internally and externally. For example, companies can use the platform when signing and approving leave applications and other employment requirements. The platform can also be used to sign documents between companies and their partners and clients. This involves even the most vital legal documents that require utmost security. Thus, many private companies and government agencies have integrated SigniFlow into their document signing processes.

SigniFlow is also important in compliance and legal cases where non-repudiation and timestamping of documents prove that the documents have not been altered. The information needed about who signed the document, when it was signed, or whether it was modified or not can be seen within the digitally signed document.

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