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Choosing the Right Certificate Authority

Choosing the Right Certificate Authority

In a highly competitive online marketplace, a trustworthy CA can be advantageous. They ensure that your websites are secure and safe to use. Choosing the right CA is critical in ensuring a safe, secure, and trusted online business. By carefully choosing a CA that meets your needs, you are making a long-term commitment. But where exactly do you start?

Choosing the Right Certificate Authority

Here are 3 factors to consider when choosing your CA according to “Bulletproof SSL and TLS” author Ivan Ristic:

  1. Service

    While all CAs equally provide services to secure and protect businesses online, not all function equally. According to Ristic, if your staff does not possess any expertise, perhaps you should “work with a CA on which you can rely. Costs matter, but so do the management interfaces and the quality of the support.

  2. Quick adoption of new technologies

    Some CAs only focus on selling certificates and stop there, while others continue to shape the industry. CAs who are leading in adoption of new technologies and move away from the weak, old ones are more reliable long-term, as they provide more up-to-date protocols and ensure dependability.

  3. Security

    Website security is important, and it is crucial that the CA you choose has an infrastructure that is up to the task. The measures taken to ensure CAs run their business securely is a vital criterion. But how exactly do you judge security? Ristic notes that, “All CAs go through audits and are thus nominally equally secure, but we know from the past that they are not equal. The best approach is to look for evidence of good security posture.”

Why GlobalSign?

GlobalSign is one of the pioneers of online security solutions since 1996 and continues to be one of the longest WebTrust-certified Certificate Authorities (CAs) worldwide, expanding territories from Japan to the UK, the US, Singapore, China, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Our Strengths:

  • Superior PKI Solutions

    For enterprises looking to conduct secure commerce and transactions online, GlobalSign’s superior PKI solutions is an indicator that not only are we committed to secure online businesses, but also see to it that we support and manage enterprise-wide certificate needs the easiest way possible.

  • Rigorous Vetting Process

    We ensure that all TLS/SSL Certificates issued under EV and OV have gone through arguably the strictest vetting processes in the industry to ensure the best quality any certificate can potentially deliver, thus all our issued certificates are globally recognized and relied upon. Having a valid GlobalSign certificate indicates that the website is indeed who it claims to be and is legitimate.

  • Dedicated Identity Security Solutions

    Our identity security solutions allow companies to set up secure e-services, manage enterprise identities, and automate PKI deployments for users and devices alike.

  • Globally Trusted

    GlobalSign has issued over 10 million Digital Certificates/Digital IDs to people, websites, and machines, and has issued over 5 million SSL server Certificates.

  • Worldwide Locations

    GlobalSign’s local, in-country teams work 24/7, around the clock, to support our customers in their local languages.

  • Strong Tech and Customer Support

    We are committed to building identity services for IoE and provide support to our customers.

  • Competitive Credentials

    GlobalSign is the leading identity management authority in the Asia Pacific. We enable trusted identity security solutions for every enterprise.

We build our many years of business on trust servicing our customers the same way. For more information about the products we offer, you may visit our website, or check out our product list for enterprises and Internet of Things (IoT) so you can ask for a demo today! For more blogs and updates, click here.

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