Enterprise PKI Automation & Management

With Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) it's never been easier to enroll, provision, and install digital certificates – regardless of OS or platform

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Outsource PKI management to a trusted third party CA

Reduce total cost of ownership for PKI by as much as 50%

Support mixed environments, variety of use cases, public or private trust models

The Most Efficient Way to Automate, Protect, and Maintain Your Organization's Identities

GlobalSign's Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) is a scalable managed PKI solution designed for enterprise environments utilizing a mix of platforms and devices. The newest iteration of this valuable tool acts as a direct gateway between Atlas, GlobalSign’s next-generation cloud Certificate Authority, and your Active Directory - effectively extending its reach to every endpoint on your network.

The intuitive user interface and provisioning capabilities make it easy to centralize, automate, and control all certificate activity across an organization.

Protocol support expands deployment to endpoints outside your domain and adds public trust

  • SCEP server functionality for issuing certificates to mobile and networking devices and integrating with Microsoft Intune, JAMF and other MDMs
  • Automated issuance to any client application supporting ACME v2 such as Linux servers and DevOps tools

Capitalize on existing infrastructure and reduce IT overhead with GlobalSign SaaS CA

  • Automated enrollment provisioned through Group Policy
  • GlobalSign manages the security, high availability, and CA operations, ensuring you meet SLAs and compliance audits
  • Now IT can focus on core competencies, rather than cryptography and CA tasks

How AEG Works

Integration with Active Directory and support for SCEP and ACMEv2 protocols, provides quick, seamless certificate registration and provisioning, as well as key archival and recovery - without sacrificing control. Certificates can be issued from a dedicated private issuing CA hosted by GlobalSign and/or from GlobalSign’s public CA (for security applications that require public trust), all based on GlobalSign’s highly available and secure world-class infrastructure.

Pre-designed Certificate Templates Support a Range of Use Cases

The Auto Enrollment Gateway can be used to enroll and issue certificates to all types of Active Directory objects, including users, servers, desktops, laptops, and Domain Controllers. A wide range of pre-designed certificate templates support a variety of use cases, including:

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  • Outsource PKI management to a trusted, third party CA
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 50%
  • Support mixed environments, variety of use cases, public or private trust models