Supported Mobile Operating Systems

Operating System and MDM/EMM Integrations

GlobalSign's mobile device authentication certificates are compatible with the leading mobile operating systems and MDM/EMM platforms, including Microsoft Intune, AirWatch, and MobileIron Cloud or Core, allowing devices to authenticate to enterprise networks without the need for usernames, passwords, or tokens.


Microsoft Intune

GlobalSign leverages the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) support in Microsoft Intune to seamlessly, and securely, provision digital certificates to mobile devices. Using these certificates for authentication will help protect corporate resources from unauthorized access while removing the need to enter username and passwords as enterprise users access corporate resources via VPN, email and Wi-Fi clients. The integration can be leveraged to issue both new and renewed certificates, on a variety of mobile platforms.


MobileIron Cloud and Core EMM Integrations

GlobalSign’s hosted certificate service plugs directly into MobileIron Cloud and Core platforms, making it easy for organizations to deploy mobile device authentication. MobileIron Core also supports S/MIME for mobile email security. With both integrations, certificate provisioning and management is completely automated. As soon as a new device is registered with MobileIron, a GlobalSign Digital Certificate will be issued to the device, removing administration burdens and decreasing total cost of ownership.


AirWatch MDM Integration

GlobalSign's integration with AirWatch connects GlobalSign's Managed PKI solution directly to the AirWatch MDM platform allowing enterprises to streamline provisioning of digital certificates onto devices. The integration relieves IT staff from having to manually install certificates on each employee device, rather, as soon as a new device is enrolled with AirWatch a GlobalSign digital certificate will be issued to the device.



Digital Certificates can be easily imported onto Android phones and tablets. Once installed, the user will be able to use the device to access any gated applications or networks. Devices without properly configured certificates will not be able to access, mitigating the risk of rogue devices on your networks.


Apple iOS

iOS devices support Digital Certificates to enable secure, streamlined access to corporate services like Exchange, ActiveSync, VPNs, and WiFi networks.

Digital Certificate Compatibility: iOS 5+


Windows Phone

Requiring a second authentication factor for mobile devices wishing to operate on your networks is essential for preventing unauthorized access. Certificate-based authentication is a cost-effective and simple to manage method to control which Windows phones and tablets can access your networks and applications.



Ideal for mobile or remote employees, certificate-based authentication allows you to only open your networks and applications to approved Blackberry devices (those with properly configured certificates), while keeping any rogue devices out. Certificates are easily installed on the device with little involvement needed from the end user.