An SSL Secure Site Seal is the visual cue that yields greater trust

Why not let your website visitors know that you have invested in the security of their transactions and data? Displaying a GlobalSign’s SSL Secure Site Seal is a great way to boost your website’s legitimacy, and is the best visual indicator to assure your website visitors that every piece of information or transaction is shared within a secure environment that is authenticated by one of the internet’s original and most trusted Certificate Authorities that has a high consumer recognizability.

Let Your Visitors See Your Site Seal

Research has shown that visual cues such as Site Seals can have a very positive effect on consumer trust and conversion rate; especially on login and payment pages, and without compromising website loading speed. Site Seals are best placed right below login or payment fields; where they are easy to spot, to maximize visitor’s trust on a website. Another popular place would be at the footer of each page on your website. GlobalSign’s Site Seals go beyond being just a visual cue, as website visitors can click on it to display important security details.

Display Your GlobalSign Site Seal In 3 Easy Steps
Step 1: Select Your Site Seal Format

GlobalSign offers multiple Site Seal design options, with both clear and opaque backgrounds, to best match your website’s theme.

Step 2: Select Your Site Seal

Site Seals also come with different sizes to best suit your website.

Step 3: Copy & Paste HTML

Your choices above will automatically generate the needed HTML code in the box below. To install the Secure Site Seal on your website, copy the code and insert into your web pages’ appropriate location through use of a Text or HTML editor.

When the JavaScript code is implemented, the GlobalSign SSL Certificate Secure Site Seal will be automatically generated and displayed on your web site.

Consider placing the site seal in prominent areas where your site visitors can see them, especially for pages that require visitors to key in sensitive information, such as login or payment fields.