IoT Security Starts With PKI

GlobalSign IoT Identity Platform Issues and Manages Certificates at Unprecedented Scale

GlobalSign IoT Identity Platform

Full Device Identity Lifecycle Management for IoT Environments

GlobalSign’s next-generation IoT Identity Platform delivers everything you need for full device identity lifecycle management in a cloud-based service, including a high throughput Certificate Authority, dedicated revocation services, and a variety of integration options to connect to your ecosystem and end devices.

IoT Identity Platform

The IoT Identity Platform is flexible and highly scalable to manage billions of identities for IoT devices of all types and uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as the core identity mechanism, so all devices authenticate as they come online, prove their integrity and securely communicate with other devices, services and users.

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Getting Started with PKI


Identity and trust are integral to IoT security. By offering every “thing” a unique identity, PKI should be the foundation of any IoT security strategy. As an established technology, you can implement PKI into your IoT ecosystem today. From a development POC to millions of devices, GlobalSign’s cloud PKI service can deliver over 3,000 certificates per second to meet the elastic and scalable security needs of IoT innovators.

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PKI for the Internet of Things

Leveraging proven technology to identify devices, encrypt communications and ensure data integrity

Secure Device Identity

With a unique strong device identity, things can authenticate when they come online, ensure secure communication between other devices, services and users, and prove their integrity. When implementing an IoT solution or manufacturing a connected device, identity and security should be built in from the start. Strong device identity supported by PKI can enable the fundamentals of IoT security:

When a device connects to the network, it must authenticate and establish trust between other devices, services and users. Once trust is established, devices, users and services can securely communicate and transact information
Personal, sensitive and financial data must be kept private and secure – often times under regulatory compliance. A strong cryptographic encryption mechanism tied to a device identity ensures data is encrypted and authentic, and communications are secure.
The integrity of a device starts with proving it is what it says it is. With a unique strong device identity, PKI can ensure that the device and its software and firmware are legitimate
Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Ecosystem

Easy, quick, and secure X.509 Certificates for Device Authentication in Azure IoT Hub and Azure Device Provisioning Service

Eliminate integration obstacles, shorten integration time, and reduce time-to-market for your IoT Device market introduction.

Download our solution guide to quickly enable x.509 certificate-based device authentication and see how GlobalSign integrates with Azure IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service to provide a secure, scalable IoT cloud connection.

Securing the Industrial IoT

Working closely with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and other organizations within the Industrial IoT (IIoT), GlobalSign is actively involved in test beds, frameworks and proof of concepts highlighting the importance of PKI for IoT security.

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IoT Security Partner Profiles


Securely authenticating to and
controlling hardware using GlobalSign’s
cloud-based certificate services and
Infineon’s OPTIGA™ TPM

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Provision unique, hardware-rooted secure
identities at low cost using Intrinsic-ID’s
device fingerprinting technology and
GlobalSign’s cloud-based certificate services

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