5 Key Cybersecurity Trends

The rise of automation has transformed cybersecurity by allowing organizations to improve incident responses and protect their assets and digital identities, while also reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

The pace of change has continued to be rapid – on both sides of the cybersecurity theatre – and sometimes it’s hard to adjust the signal from the noise.

To support IT decision-making, we have developed this paper to focus on five major cybersecurity automation trends you need to know about now.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Using machine learning to promptly detect and eliminate cyber threats based on historical threat and vulnerability data and assessments
  • Facilitating user provisioning and Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) to minimize human error, accelerate routine processes or workflows, maintain compliance, and improve efficiency
  • Leveraging data analytics solutions to accelerate cyber-incident investigations and maximize endpoint security, as well as integrating them with threat intelligence systems
  • Centralizing tools and data into a single pane of glass visibility to streamline incident response workflows, automate redundant practices, and enable targeted decision-making for more effective cybersecurity operations
  • Adopting solutions that handle certificate issuance, renewal, and monitoring processes automatically, reducing human error, ensuring compliance, and scaling seamlessly with business growth through customizable automation

Please join us as we explore each of these trends in further detail, and then shift focus to the practicalities of implementing cybersecurity automation to protect your valuable digital assets.

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