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The Role of Language Translation in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

The Role of Language Translation in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

In this age of digital transformation, we have become dependent to a great extent on the internet. Naturally, this places many people at risk of cyber-attacks. It is an even bigger concern in the past two years, with international business expansions and remote working trends observed. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 rose from $3.86 million to $4.25 million. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the role of data privacy and cyber security in different companies. This is especially more significant in various multilingual settings. You need to understand the significance of languages in data privacy and how reliable translation can help in preventing cyber-attacks.

Translation services and data privacy

Many people are asking about the connection between cyber security and translations. In the case of data privacy, you need to convey significant information via effective communication. But, due to the complicated jargon used and language barriers in the field of IT, sometimes only IT professionals can comprehend these messages. This is also extremely difficult for multi-lingual people. They know the fundamental translations in the content but perhaps not the finer detail. In most cases, cyber-attacks occur when people are not aware of what is happening on their devices.

Malware developers have various ways of attacking the victims. They make these attempts tough to identify as much as possible. Many of them utilize spam in the form of inappropriate and unsolicited messages. According to Statista, 150 billion pieces of spam email were sent per day, on average. Apart from this, phishing is also another known method to try and get sensitive data from users. This is done many times via web pages that appear to be trustworthy entities. Because of the uncanny similarities on these fake sites, many unsuspecting people enter their credit card, bank, and identity details willingly.

For security, convenience and clarity, it is necessary in SaaS, web sites, user interfaces and other digital entities to achieve an accurate language translation. You have procedures, guidelines, and warnings that bridge the communication gap in cyber security. But you need to get help from an experienced translation service that employs a diverse set of masters and technologies from the IT industry. It is a good idea to avoid using free translation software, that can fall prey to data privacy and cyber-attacks.

Using translators to prevent cyber attacks

We are becoming aware now that translators can be of great help in the prevention of cyber-attacks. How? Here are some examples for avoiding malware installation and data privacy invasion by using accurate language translation.

Translation of user interface

Your user interface is a screen that allows the computer and the users to interact with one another. In case the users fail to understand what they are watching, it is tough for them to identify pop-ups and suspicious ads. Therefore, it is a good idea to translate this interface, into another language. this allows you to cater to the requirements of multilingual users. For instance, if a hacker entered a site with malicious software, they need to identify what they must click and what they should not. But most of the UIs and websites are in English and, everybody around the world does not speak the language. Due to this, several people will click the wrong buttons and permit the accidental installation of virus-infected files.

The same is the case when you consider the use of mobile applications. Most of the hackers use pop-ups and ads for attacking visitors. To confuse people, these malware developers do not rely on standard keys such as an "x". These keys can confuse a visitor about what they need to click. They can make locating the exit tough to find and force the users into committing errors. In such cases, proper translation of site UI, software, and applications into another language is the best solution.


The employees working in the field of cyber security can understand the jargon used in the IT industry however, it is a different scenario altogether when various languages are used. You can find many cyber security centres around the world that do not comprehend English. These language barriers prevent the capability to impart significant info related to cyber security. Due to these issues, several organizations are hiring trustworthy translators. They pave the for the pros to confidentially convey important information and avoid cyber security risks.

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