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How Sales Teams are Maximizing Efforts to Make Deals while Working Remotely

How Sales Teams are Maximizing Efforts to Make Deals while Working Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in many ways. As thankful as I am to still be healthy and employed, this is still an unprecedented situation that has been a challenge to navigate. With the new work from home setup, I had to adapt to new ways of communicating with my colleagues and managing my tasks. As we sail through the hurdles, it made me realize how resilient we are, how great our capacity to overcome difficulties are, and how we can make things work despite the roadblocks. Likewise, many companies are doing their best to stay on top of their business metrics.

I am sure it has been increasingly difficult for companies to manage and handle their existing customers; it can be even more difficult to scout for potential clients. The whole situation has made me wonder how our company’s sales team has been doing and how they are still making deals despite working from home.

To give us an insight into how our sales team is going the extra mile to help businesses, especially in these trying times, I asked GlobalSign’s Sales Team Manager (Philippines) Ms. Jureza Biocarles to share some tips on how to acquire new deals and clients despite the inability to physically meet up with the customers.

“The past few months have been challenging for the Sales Team because of the effect of the pandemic to businesses.”

“This includes companies trimming down the budget, putting projects on hold, reducing manpower. But this doesn’t stop the Team to strive harder in closing deals,” said Ms. Biocarles.

In this article, I want to share with you what I have learned about the strategies and initiatives GlobalSign’s sales team are doing to help organizations and individuals secure and authenticate their online identities, websites, devices, and systems while working from home:

  • GlobalSign as a helping hand

    Since most companies are working remotely, there is a greater demand for a paperless way of sending and receiving documents, communications, and information. COVID-19 has changed the way companies operate, and we strive to help businesses navigate their way through. According to Ms. Biocarles, “We highlighted our AATL, Digital Signing Service (DSS) and GMO Sign as a solution to help the customers in making their work more efficient amidst the pandemic.”

    Moreover, our sales team also promotes the use of PersonalSign 2 Pro certificate to enable the customers to boost their current security. This will allow them to protect their emails and add a second layer of protection and authentication in their apps.

    “This is very important, especially since most of the Companies are doing a work from home setup or a skeletal workforce,” Ms. Jureza added.

  • Staying secure

    Security, being at the forefront of GlobalSign’s undertaking, is always instigated despite working from home. Business continuity planning means that we all have to follow specific security protocols and find ways to protect sensitive customer data.

    “Even in this kind of setup, we must make sure that we are still practicing a higher level of security because if breaches happen, it will be more costly and can even damage a Company’s reputation.”

  • Maximizing social media connections

    Our sales team optimizes their social media platforms and LinkedIn accounts by reaching out and connecting to specific people in various companies and businesses.

    “We also have a database of all chamber of business associations and we try to contact the C-level executives, so they can somehow refer us or lead us to their IT Heads, VPs, AVPs, etc.” according to Ms. Biocarles.

    One of the ways the they do this successfully is by keeping customer engagement and service a priority.

    "As much as we do cross-selling, or re-engaging leads, the strongest way is still through the referrals from clients that we have serviced well and have established a good relationship with.”

GlobalSign: Securing Unique Identities

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