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GMO GlobalSign and DocuSign Partnership: Seamless Document Signing

GMO GlobalSign and DocuSign Partnership: Seamless Document Signing

GMO GlobalSign officially partners with DocuSign to integrate its cloud-based Document Signing Service (DSS) to their DocuSign platform on April 7.

GMO GlobalSign’s cloud-based Document Signing Service makes digital signatures accessible to organizations through document workflow providers, creating a true end-to-end solution and lowering barriers such as cost, hardware requirements, maintenance, and internal expertise.

GMO GlobalSign and DocuSign Linkage

The partnership provides a seamless document signing process where users can apply DSS signatures through the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, which is a highly customizable end-to-end solution with over a dozen applications, APIs, and over 350 integrations, including Salesforce and Google Suite, among others.

Through the integrated services, customers logged in on DocuSign can select GlobalSign as an identity provider and sign the documents using advance signatures as per eIDAS regulations. As the industry's most widely used eSignature solution, DocuSign complies with all regulatory standards providing the most detailed, stable, and trustworthy document signing solution.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures serve as the watermark that verifies and seals the file, and any tampering is recorded in the digital signature. Instead of ink and paper, a digital signature makes use of digital keys to ensure authenticity and attach identities to the documents.

Governments around the globe have adopted electronic transactions and digital certificates, and accepts documents with digital signatures as legally binding and court admissible. (Refer to your country’s law.)

About GMO GlobalSign

GMO GlobalSign is a globally trusted Certificate Authority (CA) that uses high volume and speedy CA technology to allow the IoT developers to employ millions of device and web service Certificates. GlobalSign is one of the leading providers of reliable identity and security solutions.

GMO GlobalSign’s services secure online communications, manage millions of verified digital identities, and automate authentication and encryption. Its managed PKI cloud service and active directory integration provides comprehensive certificate management for SSL, secure email, document signing, and code signing.

About DocuSign

DocuSign offers a competitive e-signature solution as a core part of its broader software suite. As the research firm Gartner recently concluded, “Having reached mainstream adoption, the real-world benefits of e-signature are predictable, broadly acknowledged and have been realized by thousands of organizations across millions of users.”

According to an October 2016 Forrester Research report via DocuSign’s 2020 Annual Report, DocuSign is the “strongest brand and market share leader: the company name is becoming a verb.”

For more information about GMO GlobalSign, you may visit our website here. For more information about the document signing service and its benefits, click here. For queries and other FAQs, you may visit our directory here.

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