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Are Your Emails Secure? Digitally Sign and Encrypt Emails with S/MIME

Are Your Emails Secure?  Digitally Sign and Encrypt Emails with S/MIME

When it comes to email security, businesses are faced with challenges such as phishing, spoofing, and threats daily. The problem poses big risks as emails are the easiest to bypass and accounts for 91% of all phishing attempts. These scams include Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, which targets organizations.

This is no surprise as email is a widely used method of communication across many enterprises. Despite its effectivity as a communication channel, it can greatly harm any company if no security protocols are established. As such, many employees are unaware of how much their email habits matter in keeping companies safe from cyberattacks and espionage.

The truth is that emails are very vulnerable to attacks. Many employees continue to fall for phishing scams and compromise their companies’ confidential data. No matter how sophisticated an email client’s ability to detect potential scams, some malicious emails are still able to bypass these filters, and it will only take one employee to fall for the attack and comprise critical data.

As more companies implement remote working setups, companies cannot afford to be lax in their IT security policy. Many big companies have made headlines over the past months due to their systems getting hacked, most of which started with phishing emails. Thankfully, there are solutions that enable companies to safely exchange sensitive information across devices using one unified solution: S/MIME.

S/MIME, or Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions does two things: 1) sign emails to ensure the integrity and security of the content and its sender; and 2) encrypts email communications.

S/MIME is useful in email protection and the risks therein because S/MIME encrypts all channels through user-to-user encryption.

Scalable Email Security Solution

S/MIME protects the high volume of email users and can be implemented across various email clients without the need to install additional software; which makes policy writing a lot easier and unified. For most of them, digitally signing and encrypting a message can be as simple as clicking a button. In fact, most offer the option to automatically sign all outgoing emails.

In a case study performed by GlobalSign, deployment of S/MIME can be done for both desktop and mobile devices to keep up with the today’s on-the-go way of working.

GlobalSign’s S/MIME also meets compliance requirements around the secure transmission of information. Employees can encrypt messages on both desktops and mobile devices easily. The certificates can be quickly and easily issued from the GlobalSign management platform, eliminating any involvement from the end-user and preventing any administrative burden that could have been placed on the IT department.

This case study shows how the company was able to quickly adapt to this solution, and how easy it was to manage in terms of issuance, revocation, and renewal.

GlobalSign offers comprehensive certificate management such as S/MIME for email encryption and added safety to protect emails from unwanted access. Our point-to-point message encryption is also compatible with many popular enterprise email clients. You can request for a demo here!

To learn more about our company and the full list of products we offer, you may visit our website, or check out our product list for enterprises and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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