IoT Device Certificates

Generate strong, unique and immutable device identities

A strong, unique and immutable device identity plays a key role in Public Key Infrastructure or PKI-based IoT security. A digital certificate, sometimes called a security certificate, device certificate or PKI certificate, issued by GlobalSign’s trusted certificate authority (CA), binds a public and private key to a device, creating a unique identity and providing the necessary public and/or private credentials to secure it.

Customize certificate profiles to accommodate any IoT use case

Our IoT Identity Platform is based on proven PKI architecture that use certificates during its asymmetric key exchange to encrypt, decrypt, authenticate and protect data privacy and integrity. The use of a PKI certificate for authentication is the most effective way to protect confidential data in an IoT ecosystem. GlobalSign supports many certificate types including but not limited to:

  • Client certificates
  • Code signing certificates
  • SSL certificates
  • TLS certificates
  • x.509 certificates
  • 802.1x certificates

Choose the certificate assurance level that’s right for you

GlobalSign’s certificates can flex with your needs to deliver the appropriate level of protection based on your specific use case.

Because each IoT ecosystem and application is unique, creating a custom certificate profile can increase security by increasing the specificity of certificate parameters. An IoT certificate validity can range from a short-lived six-month validity period to a long-lived ten-year certificate validity or even non-expiring IEEE 802.1 validity.

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