Atlas Discovery Certificate Inventory Tool

Manage SSL certificates easily, monitor expirations & keep up with baseline requirements with our free SSL management tool


Discover Every SSL/TLS Certificate on your Public & Private Networks

Managing certificates is an exceedingly time-consuming, difficult task. It requires tracking what Certificate Authority issued each certificate, where it was installed, when it’s expiring, what cryptosystem it uses, what its key length is – it’s exhausting. Not to mention discovering all the dark certificates that were acquired outside of normal procurement procedures, ad hoc, by other departments. Atlas Discovery shoulders that burden for you.

With Atlas Discovery it’s easy to manage all the TLS certificates on your networks, both internal and public-facing, regardless of the issuing CA. From Atlas, GlobalSign’s next-generation cloud PKI platform, the scans you run will reveal the status of existing certificates, as well as their issue date, issuing CA, expiration date, key length, algorithm, location and validity period.

Track & Update Certificates to Preempt Expirations

Expired TLS certificates trigger alarming warnings in browsers, damaging your company’s reputation, decreasing traffic to your site and opening you up to regulatory scrutiny. Internal expirations disrupt the processes dependent on encrypted communication, cause outages, and grind work to a halt. Atlas Discovery makes it easy to counteract that and avoid costly mistakes.

Additionally, it’s easier to keep up with best practices for things like key lengths, validity periods and hashing algorithms with a simple scan from Atlas Discovery. Scanning your entire repository of certificates ensures they are all up to date and compliant with the latest recommendations, or with your own custom corporate policies.

TLS Discovery Made Easy

Stop wasting your company’s valuable time and resources tracking down every certificate manually. Atlas Discovery alleviates the visibility headaches that typically come with TLS certificate management. Sign up for Atlas Discovery today. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and makes keeping track of your certificate inventory simple and straightforward.

Benefits Atlas Discovery, our Certificate Inventory Tool

  • Find and monitor all internal and public-facing SSL certificates, regardless of issuing CA and including self-signed from one central location
  • Easily track the source/issuing Certificate Authority for all your certificates
  • Locate any dark certificates that were purchased outside your standard procurement process, by other people or departments
  • Keep up with baseline requirements and best practices by viewing your certificates based on key length, algorithm and validity period
  • Save your company’s valuable time and resources by eliminating the need for manual monitoring

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