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Build trusted digital signatures & seals into existing document workflows

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Digitally Sign without Hardware or Complex Integrations

The demand for trusted and legal digital signatures has never been greater. Fortunately, GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) makes it easy to add digital signatures and seals to existing document workflows and applications.

DSS is cloud-based, allowing organizations to benefit from long-lived, trusted digital signing – signer identity validation, content integrity, trusted timestamps, non-repudiation – without the need to manage any physical hardware or build any custom integrations.

Integrations like the Digital Signing Service – simple, cloud-based, flexible, no large upfront investments needed – are the future and GlobalSign is leading the way.

Randall Nachman Founder, DocuFirst

Who Needs a Cloud-based Digital Signing Service?

Adobe Sign Users

The easiest way to add digital signatures to Adobe Sign. Employees or departments can request signing certificates and start signing in real time.

Custom Workflows

Organizations with their own custom document workflows who want to enable internal and external individuals or departments to digitally sign.

Workflow Providers

Providers of document workflows or applications who want to protect the documents managed within their platforms with digital seals.

Everything You Need to Deploy Digital Signatures in
One Scalable, Cloud-based Service

  • Integration with document signing applications
  • Private Key Management and Storage
  • Compliance
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Cryptographic Signing Components (e.g., Certificates, OCSP, CRL, Timestamping)
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Individual or organization-level signing identities
  • Trusted AATL Member
  • PKI-based Signatures
  • Third Party Timestamping

End-to-end Digital Signing for Adobe Sign Enterprise Users

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service is already integrated with Adobe Sign, making it the easiest way to add legally accepted and publicly trusted digital signatures to Adobe Sign workflows. Once an organization’s DSS account is set up, employees can request signing certificates and start signing immediately within Adobe Sign.

  • Sign with employee or department-level identity
  • Multiple identity verification options, including integration with Active Directory and other enterprise authentication systems
  • No hardware, PKI expertise, or development time needed

Add Digital Signatures & Seals into Custom Built Document Processes

Many organizations have created their own electronic document workflows to help transition away from time and resource-consuming paper processes (e.g., onboarding new clients, exchanging contracts, HR tasks, etc.). With the Digital Signing Service, companies have an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way to add digital signatures to these processes, providing higher assurance around signer identity, signature authenticity, and content integrity compared to other types of electronic signatures.

  • Protect documents with a tamper-evident seal and provide higher assurance around who signed the document and when
  • Signatures can be in the name of individuals or departments, internal employees, or external users/customers (with pre-conditions)
  • Integration between in-house document workflow and cloud-based DSS is handled via one simple REST API, minimizing the burden on internal development teams and eliminating hardware investment

Digitally Seal Customer Documents Managed Within
SaaS Document Workflows and Applications

More and more document workflow or management providers are building digital seals into their applications to increase document security and help meet compliance. Digitally sealing creates a timestamped, tamper-evident seal around document contents and adds assurance around who created it and when - all of which play a role in establishing audit trails, various regulatory compliance, and legal tenability.

The Digital Signing Service makes it easy to build digital seals into the service provider's platform with one simple REST API integration. DSS is the first solution on the market to include all supporting cryptographic components, including signing certificates, key management, time-stamping server, and OCSP or CRL service, in one API call, meaning there is minimal development or overhead needed and no on-premises hardware to manage.

  • Digitally seal all documents managed within the platform to protect their contents, provide assurance about when and where documents originated, and help meet compliance
  • Minimal development time needed - no complex integration, internal PKI expertise, or hardware investment
  • Seals can be in the name of the service provider or the client company (option to add as premium offering)

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  • Cloud-based service eliminates hardware costs & management
  • Meet compliance and industry regulations with trusted, PKI-based digital signatures
  • Ensure document integrity, authorship, and time and date of signing