AWS IoT Core Integration Guide

Quickly and securely provision IoT Devices to AWS IoT Core Cloud Services using JITR and GlobalSign’s X.509 digital certificates for device authentication

Quickly and Securely Provision IoT Devices to AWS IoT Core Cloud

GlobalSign engineers have developed an integration guideline to help customers more easily enroll their IoT devices into the popular AWS IoT Core cloud, using GlobalSign provisioned x.509 digital certificates. The integration enables secure authentication into AWS IoT Core cloud service through AWS’ Just-in-Time Registration (JITR) for device certificates.

JITR allows customers to use their own certificates when enrolling their devices into the AWS IoT. This is ideal for GlobalSign customers whose IoT devices carry valid GlobalSign provisioned x.509 certificate identity credentials.

GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform and IoT Edge Enroll Registration Authority enables each device or endpoint to enroll and receive a unique device identifier via an X.509 digital certificate to create a strong device identity. This primary identifier is known by many names; Birth Certificate; Initial Device Identifier (IDevID), or what AWS refers to as a bootstrap certificate, and can be used for authentication by AWS IoT.

Because AWS’ Just-in-Time Registration enables automatic registration, it can scale to high volumes. Likewise, GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform and IoT Edge Enroll are highly scalable, capable of issuing over 3,000 certificates per second and millions per day, making it an ideal match to the high-volume AWS IoT ecosystem.

The integration guide is a useful resource that shortens integration time, eliminates integration obstacles, and reduces time-to-market. It is available as a pdf download for anyone wishing to learn more about how GlobalSign integrates with AWS IoT Core to provide a secure, scalable IoT cloud connection.