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Koji Takenobu - COO – Chief Operations Officer

Koji Takenobu

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Takenobu is the Chief Operating Officer for GlobalSign K.K (Japan) and APAC, and one of the founding board members of the GlobalSign group. In his role, Mr. Takenobu is responsible for all operational aspects, including directing the sales, customer service, operations, and technical planning groups.

Prior to establishing GlobalSign, Mr. Takenobu held numerous roles within GMO Internet group companies. In 2000, he joined A’ll (now GMO GlobalSign HD) in a technical marketing position and in 2003 was one of the key members to establish GeoTrust Japan – the exclusive provider of GeoTrust products throughout Asia. In 2007 Mr. Takenobu was appointed as a Director within GlobalSign, and was appointed as COO in 2010.

Mr. Takenobu also leads GlobalSign’s emerging markets team – a dedicated team of marketing and business development staff dedicated to introducing localized GlobalSign products and services to fast growing global markets.