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Ichiro Chujo - CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Ichiro Chujo

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chujo is the Group President and Chief Executive Officer for GlobalSign and holds additional office as Director for publicly quoted GMO GlobalSign HD organization.

Prior to being appointed as Group President and CEO for GlobalSign, Mr. Chujo held the position of CEO for GeoTrust Japan. As the exclusive distributor for GeoTrust products in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries, GeoTrust Japan established itself as the number one independent distributor for GeoTrust worldwide. Within the four years of its operation, GeoTrust Japan had increased GeoTrust market share from 1% to 33% for the domestic Japanese market.

Before being appointed as CEO of GeoTrust Japan, Mr. Chujo was one of the two co-founders of Isle Inc and led the company to achieve the number one market share for the web hosting industry in Japan. Prior to Isle Inc, Mr. Chujo founded RapidSite Inc, a company enjoyed the reputation as one of the world's premier hosting providers during the 1990s, and RapidSite Japan Inc, where he continued to hold an Executive Director position until the merger of Isle Inc and RapidSite Japan Inc into the GMO Hosting & Security Inc, now renamed GMO GlobalSign HD. Mr. Chujo graduated from the University of Tokai with a Bachelor of Science in 1987.