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  • 8 October

    IT Security Expo and Congress 2019

    Nuremberg, Germany

    At this year's IT Security Exhibition, GlobalSign will focus on its proven PKI security platforms for encryption, user and device authentication and digital signatures. As part of the it-sa lecture program, Sales Engineer Sebastian Schulz will give an insight into how Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) works in modern companies and the advantages it brings. PKI is the most widely used solution for both GDPR compliance and cyber security threat mitigation. The ability to integrate,...
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  • 19 September

    IDC's Identity and Privacy Conference 2019

    London, UK

    GlobalSign will be participating at the IDC's Identity and Privacy Conference 2019. The IDC brings Security Professionals together to to explore the potential of transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the management of information and identity becomes, more than ever, a key business differentiator and a critical corporate asset. Rethinking the way they that we collect, store, and process data, and putting in place appropriate...
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