Using a Secure Site Seal

Adding the mark of trust to your website – the Secure Site Seal

Potential customers can be influenced in their decision to complete online transactions by the impression of a secure service being provided on the web page. With that said, e-businesses are increasingly becoming aware that to survive in the online retail environment they must provide evidence of strong validation and authentication. The question is how can this be achieved?

A better way to educate customers on your investment in leading SSL security.

Secure Site Seals help to educate website visitors on company investment in leading security technology and shows their commitment to protecting them against phishing attacks and eavesdropping. Visitors simply click on the Site Seal to view easy to understand website security information including the organization/website owners details and general SSL information - assuring them that the website is authentic, protected, and that they have invested in SSL to secure transactions and data transfers.

The Secure Site Seal is another indicator of trust and security outside of HTTP turning to HTTPS in the browser address bar. Site Seals are not only used to recognize the usage of SSL, but can also be used for a number of services. A selection of secure service Trust Marks and Site Seals include:

TRUSTed Websites


Indicates a website has been reviewed by TRUSTe and their privacy policy adheres to strict program requirements.

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BBB Accredited Business


Assures a website code adheres to BBB Standards of Trust, eight principals summarizing important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.

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Acknowledges the website possesses an average customer rating of four stars or more with a minimum of sixty reviews. Feedback from the consumers are directly solicited by

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GlobalSign Secure Site Seal


Verifies the identity of a website's owner and operator and uses verified Data Encryption (SSL). Confirms the website is scanned daily for malware and malicious content for retail customers.

The presence of a “trust mark” such as the GlobalSign Secure Site Seal will help visitors trust a website and convert general visitors into paying customers. So why risk potential customers abandoning their shopping carts and web forms? Simply display the Secure Site Seal to give them the confidence to complete the transaction.

The Secure Site Seal is available free of charge to all GlobalSign SSL Certificate customers and is currently being used across tens of thousands of GlobalSign customer websites, worldwide and displayed on tens of millions of unique web pages.

Adding the Secure Site Seal to all your web pages will give immediate tangible trust benefits, with significant effects:

  • Increases trust in a website and online business
  • Confirms the online business has been authenticated by a trusted Certification Authority
  • Provides visitors the confidence to complete transactions
  • Converts browsing visitors into paying customers

GlobalSign’s Secure Site Seal also provides useful features to aid customers interaction and webmaster implementation to allow the ability to match the individual website style:

  • "Click to Verify" - customers can view organization /website owner information for added credibility.
  • Selection of sizes and formats - static GIF or animated Flash.
  • Easy to install into any webpage – simply copy and paste some canned HTML code into the location on the page where you wish for the Secure Site Seal to be displayed.

GlobalSign SSL Certificates are issued with the free trust enhancing clickable Site Seal. All GlobalSign SSL offerings are available through the GlobalSign website and its worldwide reseller and partner network.