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CRN® reconhece a GlobalSign em sua “Internet of Things 50” de 2021

CRN® reconhece a GlobalSign em sua “Internet of Things 50” de 2021

Each year subscribers and followers of Computer Reseller News (CRN) await the release of the magazine’s widely anticipated Internet of Things 50, a list of the brightest stars in the IoT space. They review hundreds of organizations, looking for the coolest IoT companies – the movers and shakers that make significant contributions to the industry. They identify the top 10 firms in each of five categories: hardware, software, connectivity, industrial IoT, and security.

This year, GlobalSign is honored to be among the top 10 coolest companies in the IoT security category. We appreciate the accolades associated with being chosen for the CRN Internet of Things 50 and are excited to be highlighted for our ongoing IoT dedication and expertise in securing the Internet through certificate-authenticated device identities.

So why did CRN choose GlobalSign?

Although we don’t know the exact criteria used by CRN to select notable companies, we can assume it has something to do with what we do, and how we do it.  

GlobalSign’s purpose-built solution is a secure, scalable and interoperable, Device Identity Service built on a single, high-performance identity cloud platform that enables certificate identity lifecycle management, overcomes operational PKI and enrollment challenges, and removes operational impediments to implementation success. The IoT Edge Enroll service provisions device certificates through our PKI-based, IoT Identity Platform, powered by GlobalSign’s Atlas infrastructure and backed by our WebTrust Audited GlobalSign Certificate Authority (CA).

GlobalSign’s strategic IoT partnerships with recognized leaders in IoT extend the capabilities of our technology to enable IoT device security from chip to cloud. This solves issues around certificate credential management, certificate protection and hardening, and production operations, so a smooth transition from proof-of-concept (PoC) into production can be achieved.

GlobalSign’s IoT developer program and online portal is instrumental in empowering innovation. It provides 24/7/365 access to information and tools for PoC development and testing, and to facilitate and streamline device identity integrations that accelerate time to market.

What’s next for IoT Security top contender, GlobalSign?

If you haven’t already heard about our groundbreaking collaboration to deliver secure, zero-touch IoT device provisioning from chip to cloud, you may want to learn more. Just last week we announced a partnership with four international and independent IoT security domain experts: Infineon, GlobalSign, Eurotech and Microsoft Azure. We collaborated to create what no other group has yet delivered – a secure, zero-touch IoT device provisioning to the cloud solution which operates at scale. Through proven integrations along the IoT device chain of trust, adoption of the IEEE 802.1AR specification, and the unambiguous domain expertise of each company, we’ve made it possible for IoT security to be implemented from the very beginning of a device’s lifecycle. 

It’s a game changer for IoT solution builders that will have lasting impact on the overall number of IoT devices that can now include IoT security as part of their launch plan, securing their devices from chip-to-cloud.

Our thanks to CRN for recognizing the talents of GlobalSign and naming us as one of their top 10 coolest companies in IoT security. We couldn’t agree more. 

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