Digital Signatures for Miami Beach City Projects

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Q: How do I order and receive my AATL Document Signing Certificate?

A:      1. Click Buy Now on this page (to order an individual certificate) or contact an Account Manager for ordering 5+ certificates

  • 2. Create your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) Account and Account Login

  • 3. Complete the Certificate Application, including:
    Certificate Identity Details page – Enter the Certificate Holder’s Identity Information and create a pickup password used to securely pick up and install the certificate
    Payment page – submit payment via credit card
  • 4. Our Vetting team will verify the application details and call to confirm/verify your order (1 – 3 business days)
  • 5. After vetting is complete, we will ship a secure USB token to you via standard USPS shipping. You can contact your Account Manager if you’d like to use your FedEx/ UPS Account for expedited shipping.
  • 6. The Certificate will be sent to the Certificate Holder’s email to be picked up and installed. *You will need to wait until you receive the USB token (by mail) to install the Certificate.
  • 7. When you receive the USB token, follow the installation guide found here
  • 8. Once installation is complete, view our PDF Signing demo videos for quick document signing tutorials found here

Q: How do I download and install my Digital Signatures certificate?

A: You can find out download and installation guide here

Q: Where can i go if I need additional assistance?

A: For questions regarding installation and support please call 1-877-775-4562 or click here to submit a support ticket

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