GlobalSign IoT Identity Platform

Full Device Identity Lifecycle Management for IoT Ecosystems

Manage IoT Device Identity Lifecycles.

IoT device identity is a critical component of IoT security for connected devices. Unsecured IoT devices put entire ecosystems at risk. Provisioning and then managing device identities throughout their lifetimes protects against malicious cyber security threats.

Provision and secure device identities with a purpose-built, PKI-based platform for exceptional security.

The IoT Identity Platform is a digital identity architecture designed and built for the demanding and evolving specifications of the IoT and IIoT. It protects IoT devices, data and communications from chip to cloud through encryption, authentication and authorization. It:

  • Is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based platform
  • Delivers exceptional encrypted security
  • Provisions secure digital certificates backed by trusted GlobalSign Certificate Authority (CA)

By leveraging standards-based PKI to authenticate and establish trust between devices and services (ie cloud platforms), we ensure the integrity, source and encryption of all data transmitted within an ecosystem.

Integrate a, scalable, flexible and interoperable cloud service.

Scalability is built-in with our cloud CA infrastructure, capable of issuing thousands of certificates per second and hundreds of millions of certificates per day. It handles the high volume and throughput needed to accommodate the current and expected explosion of connected devices.

Flexibility is part of every customizing option or feature of our platform:

  • Several trusted root options
  • Self-manage device registration with IoT CA Direct or use our full-featured registration authority (RA) IoT Edge Enroll
  • CRL or OCSP revocation services
  • Multiple certificate types and validities
  • RESTful APIs to streamline integration

Interoperability expands possibilities with newly developed platforms and emerging industry standards. Connect any device or endpoint configuration using EST, enrollment protocols, and HTTP, communication protocols. Download our Azure IoT Hub developer integration guide or join our IoT Developer Program to access integration client libraries, SDKs, and other tools that accelerate integrations.

RESTful APIs Integrate GlobalSign IoT Solutions into your IoT Architecture

We’ve built RESTful APIs that accelerate the integration process. APIs are available via our IoT Developer Portal, which is part of our IoT Developer Program.

The IoT CA Direct API speeds direct integration with our Certificate Authority for customers who self-manage their device identity registration functions.

The IoT Edge Enroll API eases integration with our full device identity issuing engine and is designed for customers needing a full-featured digital certificate enrollment client/registration authority.

The Hosted OCSP API uploads your certificates to our certificate inventory, enabling GlobalSign Hosted OCSP services and certificate lifecycle management.

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