Security for Critical Infrastructure

Identity and Authentication Solutions for Energy Companies

Establishing cybersecurity standards and eliminating vulnerabilities

As operational and information security converge, the energy sector is facing a new set of security challenges. Technologies, equipment, and systems that weren’t created with network security in mind are being brought online without adequate safeguards, creating backdoors and easy targets for hackers.

These vulnerabilities are being addressed at a federal level - the White House issued Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, and NIST released a Cybersecurity Framework to help organizations manage cybersecurity risks – while energy subgroups are working to turn the EO and NIST guidance into actionable standards and best practices.

As an active member of the NAESB Cybersecurity Sub Committee and participant in the NCCoE Energy Sector Identity and Access Management Use Case Consortium, GlobalSign is heavily involved with establishing cybersecurity standards and developing solutions specifically designed for the energy sector.

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Use Cases

Wholesale Electric (WEQ) Solutions

GlobalSign is a NAESB Authorized CA (ACA) offering NAESB-compliant digital certificates for secure access to ISO/RTOs Market portals, Electronic Industry Registry (EIR) and SSL certificates for NERC E-Tagging applications. With a commitment to guiding ISOS, RTOs, and their market participants through the digital certificate lifecycle, GlobalSign is the NAESB ACA of choice for many major ISOs and RTOs in North America.

Learn more about NAESB-compliant solutions.

Encrypted communications

Secure communications, enable mutual authentication, and protect sensitive data in transit - a general best practice and requirement of NERC CIP. GlobalSign SSL certificates accommodate a range of security needs, including public or private trust and flexible contents for special compliance needs (e.g., NERC E-Tagging).

Strong authentication for internal and external users

Replace weak passwords with high assurance identity credentials. GlobalSign offers a variety of authentication methods, ranging from social log-ons to PKI-based digital certificates (e.g., NAESB-compliant certificates for accessing the EIR).

Identity and Access Management

Ensure only authorized users can access specific resources, applications, and networks by enabling role-based access. GlobalSign’s IAM solutions allow you to implement and enforce access control policies, simplify user provisioning, and enable Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline user logins and eliminate the need for multiple credentials.

Firmware integrity

Mitigate the risk of malware insertion and maintain the integrity of your firmware. Digitally signing firmware ensures it cannot be altered.

Device identity

Build identity and security into smart meters, appliances, and energy resources. GlobalSign's high volume services and agile certificate profiles can be adapted to meet the needs of the rapidly growing smart grid.

GlobalSign Industry Involvement

NIST-NCCoE Energy Sector Identity and Access Management Use Case Consortium
NAESB Cybersecurity Sub Committee
CA of choice for multiple ISOs and RTOs

Ready to start closing the gaps in your cybersecurity and improve your
cybersecurity posture? We’re here to help find the right solution for you.

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