Security for Today's Critical Infrastructures

Identity and Authentication solutions to protect our energy, utility, gas, and electric infrastructures

Protecting Today's Critical Infrastractures

Energy companies including utility, oil, and gas companies are under tremendous pressures and stringent security controls to protect national and critical infrastructure.

With the expectations of protecting critical system functions and infrastructure it’s important to implement security solutions that will help protect networks and critical data, as well as control access. Yet with the continuous advancements in technology and ever changing security regulations that can be time consuming and costly.


NAESB Web Registry Requires PKI

Since 2012, NAESB has required PKI-based digital certificate to access the NAESB Electronic Industry (EIR) Web registry, the central repository for information required to support commercial scheduling and transmission management operations in North America.

GlobalSign's digital certificates help energy participants such as utilities implement strong authentication into a number of Internet-connected processes. 

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Achieve Secure Access and Authentication Controls 

Identity and Access Management solutions can ensure the appropriate access rights have been granted to the right type of users, GlobalSign provides cost-effective and scalable identity solutions that allow organizations to employ a variety of authentication methods, ranging from social log-ons to PKI-based digital certificates.

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Why Choose GlobalSign? 

GlobalSign has played a leading role in the development of security best practices and standards needed to secure the utility industry and critical national infrastructures alike.


Specifically, GlobalSign is an active participant in the North American Energy Standards Board PKI subcommittee and Lila Kee, GlobalSign's Chief Product Officer holds a board of directors seat on NAESB Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ) to provide cybersecurity expertise and help share security policies and technology standards for the energy sector.

GlobalSign is also a participating vendor working with the National Cyber Security Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to develop practice guides that will help energy companies implement Identity and Access Management practices to achieve secure access and authentication controls and reduce cybersecurity risk.