Enterprise Security Solutions

Protecting today's Critical Infrastructures 

Solutions for Energy Companies

Energy companies today face numerous security challenges. With the expectations of protecting critical system functions and infrastructure it’s important to implement security solutions that will help protect networks and critical data, as well as control access. Yet with the continuous advancements in technology and ever changing security regulations that can be time consuming and costly.



Access the NAESB Web Registry

Digital Certificates are now required to access the NAESB Electronic Industry Registry (EIR) web registry.

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Meet the Stringent Energy Security Standards

Energy companies including utility, oil, and gas companies are under tremendous pressures and stringent security controls to protect national and critical infrastructure.

Digital Certificate technology can meet these security standards for online transactions and authentication to support energy markets and system functions.

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Easily and Cost Effectively Manage Multiple Digital Certificatesverticals-ipad-img.jpg

GlobalSign’s managed digital certificate solutions, including EPKI for client certificates and MSSL for SSL Certificates, allow energy companies of all sizes to benefit from the security and functionality of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) without the cost and time-to-market burden of in-house PKI Deployments. GlobalSign’s Digital Certificate Solutions are available from one web-based platform allowing administrators to easily manage the full lifecycle of all their digital certificates.