Education Security Solutions

Meet data privacy regulations, protect your students PI, and secure your networks.

Solutions for Educational Institutions

Flagler College University of Manitoba Yale University

Universities, colleges and educational institutions are required to collect and maintain large amounts of personal information from students, faculty, and staff members including diplomas, certificates, transcripts, admission letters, financial aid documents, and medical records. This large amount of collected sensitive data creates challenges for IT departments to sustain a reliable highly trusted and secure network, as well as meet all data privacy and compliance regulations.

GlobalSign offers a range of security solutions, which are reliable, scalable and cost effective.

SSL Certificate

The Best Way to Manage Multiple SSL Certificates

  • - Flexible business terms, including unlimited issuance plans.
  • - Manage multiple departments and campuses under one account
  • - Dedicated account support
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PDF signing

Create Secure Electronic Transcripts & Other Documents

  • - Electronic equivalent of adding a wet ink signature
  • - Assures document authenticity and verifies author
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Mobile Device Authentication

Control Mobile Device Access Control for your Faculty

  • - Control which faculty members can access which networks, VPNs, and other applications on their iPhones and iPads
  • - Protect against unauthorized access
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Cloud Apps

Configure Access Control for Cloud Applications

  • -Protect sensitive information stored in cloud-based services
  • -Supported services include SharePoint, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, and more

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