Fully Automated SSL

Replace the slow and error prone
ordering and installation process
with a single click!

Instant issuance of highly secured, trusted SSL

Managing SSL, especially in hosting environments, requires a good understanding of the technology, and SSL often results in unnecessary costs through a number of technical issues.

OneClickSSL is a revolutionary system which automates the full SSL lifecycle, from key generation to installation. SSL can be provisioned in under a minute, saving website administrators time and costs, and allowing hosting companies to focus on their core business.

Platform Features



Full automation with voucher-initiated process

Customers obtain a Secure Site Voucher for the product and validity period of their choice.

When the Voucher is entered into any one of the OneClickSSL plug-ins, the plug-in transparently creates the CSR for the correct website, validates the domain, installs the issued certificate and binds it to the website, all in under a minute!

Hosting Companies can even use Trial, Monthly & Supervouchers to remotely administer SSL to customer websites - activating SSL en masse for thousands of websites with ease.

Direct integration into control panels & webservers

OneClickSSL can be easily deployed using one of the plugins for cPanelPlesk, IIS, or DirectAdmin. APIs and an open source PHP library are also available for custom integrations such as those deployed into the ISPsystem environment.

Once a plug-in is installed, you just need a Voucher available from your hosting company. OneClickSSL Vouchers can also be obtained via GlobalSign’s SSL reselling modules in WHMCSHostBill and Hosting Controller for simplified customer billing (other platforms coming soon).



Best Security Practices

OneClickSSL takes the pain out of best security practices by enforcing the strongest key size and algorithm choice. And being based on a true multi-factor authentication technique, the plug-ins provide the highest security levels in these times of increased threats.

  • Something the user is - A 2048 bit RSA private / public key pair

  • Something the user has - A domain that is registered on the DNS system and is verifiable to an IP controlled by the user

  • Something the user knows - The OneClickSSL Voucher

Taking SSL out of the 90s and into the future

Managing SSL has been a time consuming, error prone and poorly understood process since the 1990s. Little has ever changed, in fact, it’s only been made more complex!

OneClickSSL changes all this. It makes the traditional process 100% redundant, instead automating all the complexities and only relying on the customer to enter a simple Voucher code. SSL has been rewritten from the bottom up!


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