How USAFact strengthened their document security using trusted digital signatures

One of the things I found very helpful, as a developer, was the technical support that we got with GlobalSign. They gave us the flexibility and control we needed so that we could create a seamless and efficient experience for field representatives and customers, while still being able to provide a trusted digital signature on each and every contract.

Michael Fabry, Senior Developer/IT Manager

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USAFact needed a way to collect secure digital signatures for its client, Service Experts, without adding steps to the contract process or disrupting the customer experience.


GlobalSign’s digital signing service enabled USAFact to strengthen document security while maintaining control over how signed contract PDFs were being created, updated, and distributed.


Heating, air conditioning, and plumbing provider Service Experts recently launched their Advantage Program, a new offering designed to simplify the customer experience by bundling multiple services under one low monthly payment. As part of the program, sales representatives in the field require the ability to quickly create customized Advantage contracts while on-site in customers’ homes. Paper contracts are tedious and do not allow the kind of customization necessary to support this new level of service. Service Experts worked with their ongoing security partner, USAFact, to develop a web application that walked the sales reps through the different calculations, allowing them to enter information as necessary before creating a PDF that could be electronically signed and locked down.

They soon realized they would need the involvement of a certificate authority (CA) that was Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) verified, thus delivering a consistent, trustworthy experience that Service Experts’ customers could depend on and sales reps could easily administer.

Solution Requirements

  • Allow Service Experts and USAFact to maintain control over the contract signing process in the field.
  • Enable sales representatives to customize contracts, calculate rates quickly and accurately, and apply taxes and other street-level fees as needed.
  • Collect secure signatures that can be referenced and verified at a later date.
  • Provide authenticated, legal digital contracts to customers, local offices, and the centralized team immediately upon finalization.


As a member of Adobe’s Approved Trust List (AATL), GlobalSign was the clear winner when it came to USAFact’s search for a digital signature service provider. Now every time a Service Experts contract is signed using GlobalSign’s digital signing service technology, Adobe will trace the certificate back to GlobalSign and confirm that it is indeed trusted. Service Experts is able to provide its customers with a positive and efficient contract signing experience, while also ensuring the future validity and integrity of the information being collected on-site by sales representatives. In addition, GlobalSign’s expert sales engineers enabled USAFact to seamlessly integrate GlobalSign technology into their existing web application and intake workflow.

With GlobalSign’s cloud-based digital signing service (DSS), you get everything you need to deploy digital signatures with one simple REST API integration! All supporting cryptographic components, including signing certificates, key management, timestamping server, and OCSP or CRL service, are provided in one API call with minimal development and no on-premise hardware to manage.

What’s Achieved?

  • GlobalSign worked directly with USAFact developers to create and deploy a customized digital signing solution in under four months.
  • Upon completion of the initial pilot program, Service Experts plans to roll out the digital signature service to its 90 U.S. locations, to be used by around 600 service representatives in the field.
  • Service Experts and its customers can rest assured that any information collected will remain valid and secure, now and into the future.

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