How iLovePDF enabled its users' documents with higher protection and longer legal validity

GlobalSign is a partner that is able to adapt and grow with our needs and requirements. That way we can deliver our service to millions of people each day without any downtime.

Marco Grossi, Founder & Software Engineer

INDUSTRY Information Technology (IT)
USER BASE Aimed at end consumers, plus the education sector, businesses, and developers
GLOBALSIGN SOLUTION Digital Signing Service (DSS)

At a Glance


The company needed a partner to offer protected and signed PDF documents to its customer base.


GlobalSign’s highly reliable, scalable Digital Signing Service is providing iLovePDF with the digital certificates for electronic signatures, electronic seals and timestamps they need.


iLovePDF, founded in 2010, has been going strong enabling its customers to merge, split, convert and edit PDFs. However, customers were increasingly asking to also protect and sign their documents.

Rather than asking its customers to work with tricky integrations or leaving the platform to sign their documents elsewhere, iLovePDF went looking for a way to allow users to upload, sign and certify PDF documents easily in just a few clicks. In turn customers would be able to benefit from a fast, simple and secure document signing process.

A key criterion was finding a partner that could easily adapt and grow with iLovePDF’s needs and requirements. Any partner would have to be ready to deliver services to millions of people each day without interruptions or downtime.

Solution Requirements

  • A cryptographic provider that could provide digital signing services on Outsourcing the maintenance of HSM servers would allow the team to save time and money, while staying focused on their core competency – product development.
  • A solution that allows them to offer digital certificates for electronic signatures, electronic seals, and timestamps.


After extensive research iLovePDF decided to partner with GlobalSign, benefiting from the ease and versatility of the API for the incorporation of digital certificates. The GlobalSign Digital Signing Service is a cloud-based deployment that enables trusted digital signatures, extending certificate-based digital signing capabilities to customers.

Thanks to the extensive documentation provided by GlobalSign, the integration of the service into existing systems didn’t take iLovePDF very long. Prior extensive testing and restructuring of their solutions meant that once the implementation went live, the outcome was seamless and led to minimal downtime.

Customers can now sign any PDF online, offline and via a mobile app, optimising their document management process, reducing paper waste, and increasing security at the same time.

What’s Achieved?

  • iLovePDF has been able to provide its users with the ability to further protect and increase the legal validity of their documents within the service, all without having to switch platforms or resort to complex integrations.
  • GlobalSign’s digital certificates for electronic signatures and timestamps allowed customers to benefit from the availability of audit trails for document signed through the platform.
  • The company is looking to very soon introduce the ability to certify documents for increased protection and validation, a further use case for certificate-based projects.

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