How Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) maintained zero data breach on their internal networks

How Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) maintained zero data breach on their internal networks

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GlobalSign has supported our goal of maintaining the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authenticity of our data and information.

Darwin Tejerero, Knowledge and Information Management Section Chief

What we like about GlobalSign is its reputation and track record as a commercial Certificate Authority (CA). We have a strong level of trust with GlobalSign.

— Mike Patterson, Manager, Information Security Operations Information Security Services, University of Waterloo

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INDUSTRY Government 
Name of Organization  Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB)
LOCATION Philippines

At a Glance


The several cases of government database hacking, defacing, and the emerging risk of other cyber security threats pushed the Bureau to consider and avail an SSL/TLS service focused on their internal networks.


BMB utilized GlobalSign’s Extended Validation (EV) SSL—the highest level of SSL/TLS available to date. Since its implementation, the Bureau was able to maintain a clean record of zero data breach incidents.


GlobalSign was the first SSL service provider for the Bureau in 2020. Prior to that, BMB did not use SSL/TLS. The Bureau avails the free Government Website Hosting Service (GWHS) supported by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), which provided the (Bureau) website with a free SSL certificate. However, this package came wit limitations, so the Bureau decided that it was best for all other on-premises hosted sub-domains of their website to use GlobalSign’s SSL/TLS service.

Solution Requirements

  • A Certificate Authority (CA) with a good track record and excellent reputation as well as service level.
  • A solution to mitigate cybersecurity risks such as spoofing and hacking.
  • Highest level of SSL/TSL available.
  • Customer service is excellent and always on time.


After extensive research and evaluation, BMB decided to partner with GlobalSign due to the reputation that was verified based on the positive recommendations of several national government agencies which vouched for our performance and service quality.

The deployment is amazingly easy and straightforward.

Our SSL/TLS provided BMB with the needed protection of their core processes using information and communications technology (ICT) on the back end.

The Bureau can now focus on higher ICT concerns other than the tedious task of maintaining their internal network security with EV SSL. Overall, EV SSL provided secure connections to their clients and stakeholders for online transactions and businesses and elevated the Bureau’s reputation in cybersecurity assurance.

What’s Achieved?

Since BMB’s implementation of EV SSL for its internal network, it was able to maintain zero case of data breach due to encryption and authentication issues, resulting in the protection of their data and information confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. Our service also provided added value to the Bureau’s reputation in terms of secure connections to stakeholders for their online communications and transactions with BMB.

Overall, GlobalSign's EV SSL has enabled the Bureau to maximize the productivity of its workforce and streamlined its service delivery aligned with its QMS policy and improved its ICT team with the required man-hours to focus on higher ICT concerns other than the tedious task of maintaining network security.

BMB’s Experience with Our Solutions

  • Is there any industry-specific governance for your SSL use?
    “As far as we know, availing an SSL service is part of the government recommendation for securing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure; BMB adhered to this advice while recognizing its importance and benefits. Government agencies like us can procure and implement SSL requirements based on the available funding, as long as it is purchased in compliance with existing procurement guidelines and pertinent policies.”
  • How did your team first know of GlobalSign?

    “The services of GlobalSign were selected based on the evaluation of their first proposal, which was evaluated to be advantageous to the Bureau. Aside from the proposal, the reputation and service of GlobalSign was also verified based on the submitted list of clients that includes several national government agencies which vouched for their performance and service quality.

    Cybersecurity risks such as spoofing (where a fraud website uses an organization’s domain name to take advantage of its stakeholders) and hacking (where hackers make malicious changes to an organization’s website content) were part of the evaluation criteria that led BMB to decide on being equipped with a credible CA’s (Certificate Authority)’s SSL.” 
  • Since working with GlobalSign for your SSL certificate management, can you describe the improvement that you enjoyed in terms of back-end processes, ease of deployment, and certificate renewals? Could you tell us more about how our SSL certificates benefited your internal networks?
    “Since the initial installation, it was smooth sailing to liaise and deal with GlobalSign. The deployment is amazingly easy and straightforward. Requests for technical assistance with deployment, updating, and other concerns are provided to our ICT staff. Certificate renewals are relayed in advance for our budgeting references. GlobalSign provided our Bureau with alternative workflows and solutions, in cases where renewals are delayed due to some updates in our internal procurement process.”
  • How’s your teams’ experience working with GlobalSign’s sales, vetting, and support teams?
    “Since the start of availing GlobalSign services, we have received highly satisfactory pre and post sales and technical support. The GlobalSign team is very proficient and able to even provide us with sound alternatives for budgeting and funding management, such as flexible and customizable packages for multi-domain requirements. We were provided with competitive offers, which we would like to avail ourselves of but at times, we were limited by the restrictions of our multi-year contract. Suffice to say, the service level is excellent and always on time.“

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