How EEI Corporation (EEI) set its websites apart from spoofed ones and streamlined the document signing process with increased cost savings

How EEI Corporation (EEI) set its websites apart from spoofed ones and streamlined the document signing process with increased cost savings

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INDUSTRY Industrial Building & Construction
Name of Organization  EEI Corporation (Formerly Engineering Equipment and Supply, Co. [EESCO])
LOCATION Philippines

At a Glance


Website spoofing has been a rampant issue for companies within the Philippines and EEI sought out ways to set its website apart. EEI also needed to speed up business processes for document signing that would often cause delays due to constraints associated with wet ink and paper.


EEI used our SSL/TLS certificates to differentiate its websites from spoofed ones. Since using our SSL/TLS certificates, EEI did not experience any website breach. Likewise, the implementation of GMO Sign resulted in a significant increase in cost savings, productivity, and overall efficiency in their document signing process.


As one of the leading construction companies in the Philippines, EEI is known for the quality of its work and the excellence amongst its workforce. When it comes to measuring the reputation of EEI’s company websites and effectiveness of its business processes and, two main factors come into play: respectively how they can set their websites apart from spoofed ones to increase the company’s credibility and assures good reputation, and how fast their documents are processed with integrity.

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At the forefront, a website’s SSL is an asset that visitors do not always notice immediately but plays a critical role in leaving a lasting impression that ultimately builds trust and reliability. A website is often the first company interface a potential client sees or interacts with. The last thing any company would wish for is for its website visitors, especially the potential clients, to be alerted with a warning that “the site (you are accessing) IS NOT SECURE”. It could be the end-all scenario right from this very first encounter, as no website visitor would have the confidence to navigate within the website, and much less to input any data therein.

Likewise, document management plays a very important role when it comes to business processes. Speed is critical in the overall business experience, both internally and externally. Previously, physical presence was a necessity for EEI’s signatory processes. To circumvent this, the team tried out the alternative option of wet signature usage in PDF documents, but this method would require a lot of additional work. Most importantly, one delayed document (being fully endorsed) by only one-two working day(s) can create a domino effect which immensely impact the project timelines and, in some cases, even the eventual margin numbers. The manual document processing way of business is outdated and highly inefficient.

Solution Requirements

  • A reliable product to secure EEI’s websites and set them apart from spoofed ones.
  • A streamlined document signing solution; an efficient and effective platform that can be deployed across all departments and roles internally, in addition to facilitating the contractual processes with external parties.


With the rise of digital transformation, EEI focused on efficient solutions to help improve their overall business operations. Our SSL/TLS certificates can allow website visitors to easily identify the website as a safe online hub. Overall, SSL/TLS certificates help improve the company’s website security and trustworthiness for their document management, we recommended GMO Sign as the perfect solution to make their document signing process quicker and more manageable. Documents that require signatures can now be signed at any time and from anywhere. This cloud-based signing solution also allows them to send out electronic and digital signatures that are compliant with digital and electronic signing regulations and industry standards such as the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 (E-Commerce Act).

What’s Achieved?

Since EEI’s implementation of Organization Validated (OV) SSL/TLS certificates on its website, the differentiation from spoofed and fake sites was immediate and distinct. The straight-forward OV SSL/TLS, an indication of safe and secure browsing, has enforced the trust and confidence level of every EEI’s website visitor. In addition, EEI cited many improvement KPIs in terms of back-end processes, ease of deployment, and certificate renewals by utilizing our SSL/TLS management tools.

“Since using GlobalSign’s SSL, our websites are easily identified as legitimate, and distinct from spoof sites.”

EEI also deployed our GMO Sign which resulted in notable improvements in their signing process. Documents that used to be the delay bottlenecks when signatories are not physically present can now be signed within minutes digitally, wherever they may be. Across the board at EEI, GMO Sign was implemented as a replacement for wet signatures, hence speeding up their document processing and approval turnaround time.

“GMO Sign has a competitive price, excellent support response time, and is easy to use.”

EEI truly enjoys the benefits of a streamlined document signing experience that delivers in real-time with precision and consistency. The impact of GMO Sign does not end there as EEI also extended the application of this secured signing process for contractual documents to their clients through one of their business units

EEI’s Experience with Our Solutions

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  • What’s the main reason for your teams to recommend SSL/TLS to other organizations?
    Since using GlobalSign’s SSL, our websites are easily identified as legitimate, and distinct from spoof sites. It is cost-effective and has excellent support.
  • Could you tell us more about using our SSL/TLS Certificates?
    The EEI website was created more than 15 years ago. From the get-go to now, we have not considered any other SSL providers, other than GlobalSign. So far, approximately 100 SSL certificates have been issued across our organization.
  • What’s the main reason for you to recommend GMO Sign to other organizations?
    Many organizations will find GMO Sign to be a useful solution when it comes to managing and archiving documents. Organizations are often overwhelmed with documents that can be difficult to track and manage without a tool to help them. This is where GMO Sign shines. Aside from its ease of use and excellent support response time, GMO Sign has competitive pricing when compared to its competitors.
  • What made GMO Sign stand out from other options and competitors?
    While there are other document signing solutions in the market, GMO Sign has always been our top choice. GMO Sign has a competitive price, excellent support response time, and is easy to use. What we like most about GMO Sign is how each signatory can sign more than one page in a multi-page document. The private folder per user is also an excellent feature.

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