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Regional Partners

Our Regional Partners act as GlobalSign’s local representatives. They have the ability to offer a wide range of our PKI solutions as well as managed platforms, to provide their clients the GlobalSign experience with a local touch.



AR | PRIME was created with the goal of bringing to market an innovative way to meet the needs of customers who require digital certificates. A young company but with extensive experience whose aim is to provide customers with a highly specialized consulting, sales and value-added channel focused on digital certification.

Visit https://www.arprime.com/ssl/ to learn more.



Since 2007, Serasa Experian has been part of the Experian Group, the world’s leading information service provider. Through technology and innovative solutions, Serasa Experian provide opportunities for people and companies to create a better tomorrow by offering credit decisions, solutions for risk management, marketing and digital certification.

Visit https://serasa.certificadodigital.com.br/p/protectweb/ to learn more.



Information technology company specializing in Digital Certification. Combining technology and knowledge, the company offers a portfolio of comprehensive solutions by applying digital identification and encryption to generate secure and reliable resources in electronic media.

Visit https://www.certificadodigital.com/ssl to learn more.



VALID has more than 55 years of experience in the means of payment, identification, telecommunications and security technology making VALID a trustworthy brand. Their vision to provide high quality services and safety for its customers through the process of technological developments VALID CERTIFICADORA was born, a company totally dedicated to Digital Certification.

Visit https://landingpages.validcertificadora.com.br/servidores/#  to learn more.

Costa Rica


InterHAND is a leading provider of web security and SSL solutions in Costa Rica. Initially, it was a hosting company that transitioned into a turn-key solution provider, representing more than 200 international brands in Central America enabling end-users to save time by putting together the best top technologies.

Currently, InterHAND covers the majority of the Costa Rican government and financial SSL sector and is focused on offering the best price with “fantastic” technical support. Additionally, InterHAND covers other sectors, including enterprise commercial, healthcare, SOHO, and individual consultants who empower other organizations with expertise.

Visit https://www.interhand.net to learn more.

Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Malta

NSS Logo

NSS is an international Value Added Distributor of leading edge IT solutions, covering technology areas including information security, networking, unified communications, data storage, virtualization and data centre infrastructure systems. Through high technology and deep knowledge of the marketplace, NSS executes the due diligence to select leading edge strategic partnerships with superior vendors and leading technologies that give our channel an opportunity to differentiate from the competition in a crowded market through first class proven solutions.

Visit www.nss.gr to learn more.


Prolink Identity Logo

ProLink Identity Management (Identity Management Architects ProLink) is an Israeli company focused solely on identity management and control. ProLink provides consulting services and implementation of projects in diverse sector organizations in Israel.

Founded in 1996 providing professional services in information technology infrastructure. In 2000 the company began to move gradually targeting individual user management and permissions, using advanced Directory Services infrastructure. Out of the experience accumulated in this activity we have learned that without full focus in this area, it would be difficult to allocate adequate resources for the establishment of successful projects. In early 2005 the company redefined its mission to focus on identity management.

Visit http://prolink.co.il/ to learn more.


Sistematica Logo

A group of professionals that in 1996 gave life to a growing organization that eventually became Gruppo Sistematica.

Sistematica SpA, is a well affirmed software development company, now controlled by S.M.R.E. Spa, a company listed on the AIM segment of Borsa Italiana. In more than 20 years they have developed both a domestic and international experience for large sized projects that allowed them to become what is today known as Gruppo Sistematica, a group with a 20 million annual revenue and more than 100 technical resources in 4 different premises.

Their companies are continuously evolving to keep the pace with time. They are used to working with strategic sectors with a no match experience in highly critical commissions, like aerospace projects, military and Telco projects.

Visit www.grupposistematica.it and www.top-ssl.it to learn more.

Ivory Coast

Diamond Security Logo

Diamond Security Consulting is a service company based in Abidjan, specializing in information systems security and training, application development, vulnerability and penetration testing, security auditing and certificate based security. Through its various services, DSC offers its customers the full cycle of information security, control and continuous improvement.

Visit www.diamondsc.net to learn more.


Ciel Logo

CIEL, founded in 1974, CIEL focuses exclusively on Cyber Security, specifically Web SSL Certificates, email personal signatures, MS and PDF digital signatures.  Finally, devices including smartphones, iPhone and iPad tablets.

The objective of CIEL is to improve the efficiency of the electronic communications and the provisions of quality products and services with an added value to resellers and end users. CIEL is the only local vendor with offices in Lebanon and among the first, if not the first provider, of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). CIEL is committed to addressing safety on the net in Lebanon and the Region.

Visit www.globalsign.com.lb/en to learn more.

South Africa

Xepa Log

Xepa, established in 2000, has grown into a dynamic and successful team which adheres to the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment strategy of the country.

Xepa, a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor, is an ICT Solutions Provider focusing on Infrastructure and Security Solutions and Professional and Managed Services.

Their customer base includes both private and public sectors, but their strongest relationships lie within provincial and local government. They have provided a number of solutions to local municipalities, which includes consulting services for server consolidation and disaster recovery solutions.

Visit www.xepa.co.za to learn more.


TurSign Logo

TurSign is the leader in Cloud-based identity credentialing in Turkey since 1999, providing the digital trust required to legitimize transactions, enable secure electronic document workflows, authenticate people or devices to electronic assets and more. TurSign's investment and dedication in the regulations, products, services and technology companies means they have gained extensive industry knowledge, reputation and longevity. TurSign offers complex solutions to their customers through its partnerships, meticulously selected distribution channels and investments in new technologies that complement each other.

Visit www.globalsign.com.tr to learn more.

Preferred Partners

Our Preferred Partners have been working with GlobalSign for a number of years and resell our products within their region to offer their clients the GlobalSign experience with a local touch.

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay & Latin America

Seguridad Logo

SeguridadAmerica was founded in 2012. They have been providing the Latin market with state-of-the-art digital security solutions and they are dedicated to creating trust and security on the Internet.  They are leaders in Chile and Latin America for SSL Certificates EV, SSL EV SAN and SSL OV, both in Government and private companies.

SeguridadAmerica continues to contribute to generate awareness about responsible use of the web, increase digital security and helps to secure the Internet of Things.

Visit https://globalsign.seguridadamerica.com/ to learn more.


WIS Logo

WIS Wiesinger/Schenk & Partner GbR was founded in 1992 as a company offering products and support services in the hardware and software industry. WIS Wiesinger/Schenk have focused their activities on developing software and system solutions as well as providing services in the field of archive systems and data and document management. They provide the German market with a wide range of products such as Managed PKI solutions, PersonalSign 2, 3 and SSL Certificates.

Visit https://globalsign.wis.de to learn more.


Networking4All Logo

Networking4All is a professional and service-oriented supplier of SSL certificates, security scans and other internet security products. They provide products and services to big and small clients from the retail sector, corporate service, ICT, industrial sector, health care, education and government.

Since their foundation in 2000, they have been greatly appreciated by their clients for the personal service, expertise and fast issuance, and they strive to find the best solution for every client's particular online security needs. That's why their motto is 'together, we make the internet safe'.

Visit https://www.sslcertificaten.co.nl/ to learn more.


TrustZone Logo

TRUSTZONE is a leading Scandinavian IT security company, who focuses on identity and trust services. Since the company was founded in 2004, they have been distributing Digital Certificates to European enterprises focusing on the Scandinavian markets. Today TRUSTZONE is among the biggest European providers of Digital Certificates and the TRUSTZONE brand is now a well-known name to most European organizations.

Click here to read the TRUSTZONE Partner Profile

Visit www.trustzone.com to learn more.

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