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Canned Webinars

Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool which enables companies to expand reach amongst their existing customer base, but also to capture new customers.

GlobalSign rolls out tried-and-tested webinars to your customer base to generate interest and let you reap the benefits of additional revenues or referral commissions.

Cross-selling to existing customers

As the industry changes and new technologies are brought to market, your customers look to you to keep them up to speed on the new products and solutions that they should be considering. Webinars are educational and user-focused. GlobalSign provides the product expertise but webinars are co-branded and you remain the point of contact for any leads generated.

Capture new customers

The applications for enterprise identities are endless: stronger authentication requirements, regulatory compliance, a mobile workforce and the Internet of Things... There are a number of companies out there actively looking for online identity and security solutions. By promoting the webinar through social media channels or third party websites, you can attract a brand new customer base.

Webinar samples

Our webinar topics can cover any technology or application case that may be relevant to the specific requirements of your customer base, including:

Email signature and encryption - Protect your company against phishing, prove email origin, prevent tampering and ensure privacy.
Certificate-based authentication for users, machines and devices - Let the right ones in and keep the wrong ones out!
Making the case for digital signatures - Save time, money and resources by replacing physical signatures.

Contact your account manager to arrange a webinar, and keep checking here as we will add more webinar topics and content!