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PersonalSign Certificates to Encrypt Email, Sign Microsoft Office Documents and Authenticate to Services

Secure Email

PersonalSign Digital IDs will allow your customers to send email safely and securely by simply using the Encrypt and Digitally Sign ribbon buttons already available in all popular email clients such as Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

PersonalSign Digital IDs ensure secure email remains confidential by encrypting the message and its attachments. Only the intended recipients will be able to 'unlock' it (even when sending it through unsecure networks like the Internet).

Digitally Sign Microsoft Office Documents

PersonalSign Digital IDs also allow users to add digital signatures to Microsoft Office documents, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A digitally signed document confirms authorship and origin and alerts recipients to any unauthorized changes.

Authentication & Access Control

PersonalSign Digital IDs can also authenticate users to online services via the inbuilt SSL VPN capabilities of browsers. As more business processes are brought online, it is critical for commercial reasons and compliance to start closing what would previously have been open networks. To reduce risk and comply with security and privacy regulations, organizations can use PersonalSign Digital IDs to enable their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

GlobalSign offers a range of PersonalSign Digital IDs with varying levels of trust, issued to individuals or departments within organizations.

PersonalSign 1 PersonalSign 2 PersonalSign 2 Pro
icon-email-business-consumer.gif icon-email-business.gif icon-email-business.gif
Trust Level digital-id-trust-one.gif digital-id-trust-two.gif digital-id-trust-two.gif
Digital ID Class Class 1 Class 2 Class 2
For Customers Requiring General Use Digital ID
Consumer Digital ID to represent themselves Digital ID for person representing company
Digital ID Attest to Ownership of email address Ownership of email address plus identity assurance of individual Ownership of email address plus identity assurance of individual plus assurance of Organization existence
Email Signing Yes Yes Yes
Office Document Signing Yes Yes Yes

PersonalSign Resources

Learn more about PersonalSign Digital Certificates with our datasheet and web copy. Customer case studies showcase the unique use cases of PersonalSign that have helped meet our customer's security goals.

Datasheet: Overview of PersonalSign (.pdf)
Web Copy: Pre-written PersonalSign content for use on your website (.word)