Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

Allow users to digitally sign their code, protecting the integrity and preventing against tampering. Code Signing is the virtual shrink wrapping for software distributed over the Internet.

Signing Code

GlobalSign’s Code Signing Certificates provide developers associated with organizations, with the ability to digitally sign software on all platforms to confirm authentication, security and integrity of their code.

Supported Platforms:

End users are increasingly encouraged not to run unsigned code. Downloading and running unsigned applications will generate worrying “Unknown Publisher” security warnings, driving people to quit the installation process before it has even begun. There is also the risk to the vendor’s reputation as unsigned software can be tampered with, such as the insertion of spyware, malware or harmful code and then redistributed.

Once digitally signed the security warnings change from being worrying, to alerting the user that the publisher of the digitally signed software is known – adding an essential level of trust to the application installation process.


Features and Benefits

  • Removes the "Unknown Publisher" popup in Internet Explorer and Windows Operating Systems
  • Full time stamping service included – time stamping your code ensures the signature does not expire
  • Supports all developer platforms
  • Multi-year saving - save 20% when you buy 2 year Certificates, plus avoid having to renew every year
  • 7 day risk free refund
  • $100,000 Warranty - Underwritten Liability Program
  • Multi-Language Tech Support - access to expert technical support staff via email & telephone
  • WebTrust Accredited Certification Authority since 2002

Code Signing Resources

Get a comprehensive look at all the features and benefits of PDF Signing Certificates.

Datasheet: Overview of Code Signing (.pdf)
Web Copy: Pre-written Code Signing content for use on your website(.word)

Next Steps

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