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Client Certificates

Authenticate to online services, add trust to your documents, messages and code. Client Certificates are the group name given to Digital Certificates issued to people and applications (code) and electronic documents (Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office files). GlobalSign offers a range of client certificates allowing you to expand your product portfolio.

Sign, Authenticate and Encrypt Email

A PersonalSign Digital Certificate is a Digital ID issued to an entity (i.e. individual or a department) that helps to prove that entity’s identity. The Digital ID binds an individual’s verified identity (typically including the name, company name and email address of the Digital ID owner) to a unique cryptographic credential. PersonalSign Certificates identify, prove and contain different levels of information.

PersonalSign Certificate use cases:

  • Strong Authentication to Networks, VPNs, Cloud Services & more

  • Secure Email (S/MIME) Digitally Sign & Encrypt Email

  • Digitally Sign Microsoft Office Documents

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Digitally Sign Adobe PDF Documents

Certifying signatures can be added to PDFs to “seal” the document and control permissions to make any further changes. A certified PDF displays the “Certified Document Blue Bar” when the PDF is viewed. Digitally signed PDFs can be viewed and signatures verified by recipients simply by using the free Adobe Reader 6.0+ software.

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Sign and Secure Code

GlobalSign’s Code Signing Certificates provide your customers with the ability to digitally sign software on all platforms to confirm authentication, security and integrity of their code. This enables them to show end customers that the applications they have produced, which are available to be downloaded online, have not been tampered with or altered since being published.