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The ManagedSSL platform facilitates the management of multiple SSL Certificates:

  • DomainSSL - Fast & economical. Entry-level Certificates, ideal for internal domains where identity assurance is not required.

  • Organization SSL - Full Company Vetting. Display verified company details to provide a higher perceived level of trust and credibility.

  • ExtendedSSL - Activate the Green Bar! Most visible SSL security, for enterprises looking to protect their brand and increase conversions.


The ManagedSSL platform was designed to reduce the time and costs associated with managing multiple certificates through a number of features and benefits.

Instant issuance

SSL Certificates can be issued on demand as domains and company information are pre-vetted. This includes all types of SSL Certificates for every application, including public-facing sites as well as internal usage.

Full lifecycle management

As well as enabling faster issuance, the full lifecycle of the certificate can be managed directly from the platform, including reissuance, cancellations or renewals to avoid certificate expiry.

Multiple organization profiles

Ideal for multinational companies with disparate business units, several companies or departments can be registered and vetted under one centralized account.

Reporting & Billing

Comprehensive reporting features ensure compliance and uninterrupted security at all times. Reports can be run and exported on activities which include issuance times, spend, upcoming renewals and more.

Granular user permissions

Administrators can control which staff members can apply for, approve, renew or revoke certificates. Specific user roles and privileges can be defined.

Integration with Active Directory

The MSSL SaaS plaform is linked to the Auto Enrollment Gateway, which acts as a connector with an enterprise Windows environment, allowing organizations to automatically provision SSL to domain connected machines and servers.

MSSL Resources

Platform user guide: MSSL user guide (.pdf)
Datasheet: Overview of MSSL (.pdf)
White Paper: Simplifying management and lowering total cost of ownership for SSL (.pdf)
Use case: Flagler College Chooses GlobalSign to manage high demand SSL Certicates (.pdf)

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