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Managed Security Services

As PKI requirements grow, enterprises need to manage a high number of digital certificates for a number of applications. GlobalSign provides intuitive and easy-to-use SaaS platforms to facilitate the management of multiple certificates.

Within a single portal, certificates can be applied for, issued, renewed or revoked. Domains and company profile information can be pre-vetted to enable on-demand issuance of all certificate types.

Combined with advanced reporting capabilities and granular user permissions, the managed security services provide an ideal way to bring new enterprises on board.

Managed SSL

The ManagedSSL SaaS platform helps enterprises reduce the time, cost and effort associated with managing multiple SSL Certificates.

The full range of GlobalSign Certificates can be provisioned from the platform:

  • DomainSSL: Entry-level Certificates; prove the ownership of the domain

  • OrganizationSSL: Organization vetted Certificates; display the verified company details

  • ExtendedSSL: Most visible SSL security; turn the address bar green and display the company name in the address bar

  • Certificate Inventory Tool: tracks all the SSL Certificates on an internal or private network, regardless of issuing CA.

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EPKI - Manage multiple Client Certificates

The Enterprise PKI web portal simplifies PKI deployments and eliminates the need to host an internal CA.

EPKI supports the delivery of client certificates for both end user and device certificate requirements, enabling a number of PKI applications:

  • Digitally sign and encrypt email

  • Authenticate users to networks

  • Enable mobile security

  • Microsoft SmartCard logon

  • Digitally sign documents

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