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Identity and Access Management

As the traditional enterprise unit extends to Customers and Partners, Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions provide an easy way to manage internal and external identities.

GlobalSign’s IAM solutions are built for business – serving sales, marketing, business development, customer service and IT. For system integrators, they provide a fast route to forging long-term relationships with organizations of all sizes.

GlobalSign CustomerID

A self-service platform that enables your customers to outsource identity management for their e-Services to the users themselves. CustomerID is a powerful database that has been built to minimize the cost of identity management through a design that includes many helpful self-service functions and integrations with CRM systems.

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GlobalSign Single Sign On (SSO)

A product platform to enable user authentication, authorization and access control for web applications and e-Services. GlobalSign SSO reduces application complexity and development time, and provides users with seamless sign-on across applications and operating system domains.

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GlobalSign Trust

A control center for federated identity systems, Trust makes customer acquisition more cost-efficient, as registration and log-in processes of new customers can be performed with a single click.

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GlobalSign IAM-Easy™

Easy is a pre-configured IAM solution which can be delivered to your customers in a fixed time and within a fixed budget. The full array of options and integration products are available so the IAM installation and configuration can be modified to accommodate for specific requirements.

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