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Auto Enrollment Gateway

As PKI requirements grow, enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to facilitate and automate the management of multiple certificates.

The Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) acts as a connector between GlobalSign’s SaaS certificate services and a corporate Active Directory environment, automating certificate registration and installation.

For system integrators, time and cost savings for PKI projects are significant when using AEG over building and maintaining an on-premise CA.

Target customers

There are several types of clients within your enterprise customer base that this solution will provide significant added value for:

  • Mid to large Enterprises running Windows environments and utilizing Active Directory

  • Organizations requiring strong digital certificate-based two-factor authentication to replace weak passwords

  • Organizations with mission-critical PKI operations requiring 24/7 service availability

  • Organizations already using PKI and looking to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership

AEG Solution Features

The integration with Active Directory allows for quick and seamless certificate registration and provisioning, whilst organizations retain control over group policiesThe gateway can be used to enroll and issue certificates to all types of Active Directory Objects, including users, servers, desktops, laptops, and Domain Controllers.

Active Directory Integration

Customers can leverage their Active Directory investment to issue certificates to all domain-connected users and devices.

Supports all Use Cases

Pre-configured certificate templates are available to cover private and public PKI use cases, including email signing and encryption, user and machine authentication, SSL, and smartcard logon.

Time and Cost Savings

We estimate in-house PKI deployments to take a minimum of 3 months and cost up to USD1,000,000. By utilizing AEG you can deliver projects faster and optimize margins.

Automated Management

The lifecycle of the certificates can be fully automated, including renewals to reduce the risks associated with expired certificates.

Zero Client Footprint

The solution does not require any client software to be installed. Certificates are silently enrolled for and installed, optimizing end user experience.

Best Practice and Compliance

All Certificate requests are sent to the publically trusted GlobalSign Certificate Authority so customers don't need to deploy their own CA operation or require cryptographic expertise.

Next Steps

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