Logos and Site Seals

Ready your Site – tell customers you are a GlobalSign Partner and add your Partner Logo.

Tell your Customers you are an Authorized GlobalSign Partner

As a new GlobalSign Partner it is important to inform your customers of your partnership with GlobalSign from the very beginning. Use the example copy and corporate logos to describe your relationship with GlobalSign, and make sure you display your Partner Seal which you can obtain from your Account Manager.

Logo Guidelines

Visit our repository to read the fulll GlobalSign logo usage guidelines.

Add your new solutions to your site

Make website visitors aware of your new offering by adding a tab entry in your products or solutions menu item on your website. Customers will need to see that you offer these products if they are to buy them! We recommend to add the new solutions to:

Your homepage through banners, offers, and buttons
Navigation menus and product categories
Online sales workflow
Sales team's portfolio
Blogs and social networking communications
Email footers
Customer communications

Use the integration and marketing tools available in this Partner Center to speed up your go-to-market.