On-Deman Webinar

Practical Tips: How to Navigate the Regulation Jungle

  • Petteri Ihalainen
    Petteri Ihalainen
    Marketing Manager, IAM

The drive towards the single digital marketplace, better protection of personal data and stronger security and traceability for financial transactions, has resulted into several new regulations and standards in the European market area. Online services handling personal data must be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018. The new PSD2 directive and PCI-DSS 3.2 strive to improve security in the financial sector and eIDAS promotes cross-border federation of digital identities.

Companies all over Europe are in the crossfire of these new demands. Identity and Access Management (IAM) can help your organization meet some of the demands of the new rules. It can also help turn mandatory compliance into a strategic business opportunity. We’ll take a look at the rules and show practical tips on how some of the requirements can be met with modern IAM solutions and how you can turn them into revenue streams.

white-checkmark-icon.pngBy attending this webinar, we will:

  • Quickly recap what these new regulations are all about (5mins)
  • Investigate specific parts of GDPR, PSD2, PCI-DSS 3.2 and eIDAS and map the requirements into technological solutions provided by IAM
  • Propose proven business models on how to turn some of the requirements into business opportunities
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