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Introduction to Mobile Connect

Presented by:

  • Keith Uber
    Keith Uber
    Vice President of Sales Engineering

A convenient and secure authentication method available to hundreds of millions of people. It’s called Mobile Connect and it’s about the disrupt the authentication market. The program led by GSMA has silently gathered up speed, and the year 2016 will see many new Mobile Connect deployments. The aim of the program is to utilize the ever present mobile phone / device to authenticate an online user in a federative and uniform manner on a global basis.

Mobile Connect is a protocol, but it can also be a business model. For mobile network operators it can create new business and revenue streams. For online service providers it enables easier customer acquisition, improved security, convenience for the end users and most importantly – Mobile Connect is a prominent candidate to erase the requirement to create yet another new password.

lightbulb-icon.pngDuring the webinar, you'll learn:

  • What is Mobile Connect
  • How Mobile Connect works
  • How will it help your business
  • Deploying Mobile Connect is easy
  • Why it will change the authentication market

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