Protect your organisations email communications:

S/MIME for Enterprise Email Security

What is S/MIME?

  • S/MIME, or Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, is a technology that allows users to sign and or encrypt their emails.
  • Permits users to digitally sign emails, verifying them as the legitimate sender, making it a simple and effective tool against many phishing attacks.
  • Proves the user's identity as a legitimate business.
  • Confirms to the recipient that the email came from the right person or business. 

Our Secure Email Service allows users to encrypt their email with minimal user training – in most cases, digitally signing and/or encrypting an email is as simple as clicking a button. Our service is seamless, easy to install and compliant with most email providers such as Outlook.

Employing S/MIME prevents data loss by protecting emails during in transit and at rest. Get in touch and secure your organisations communications!




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