Secure your documents and workflow with digital signatures:

Digital Signing Solution (DSS)

Why go paperless? Whether transforming lab documents, engineering diagrams, contracts, or loan applications – the paper process is cumbersome, difficult to manage and expensive. To ease the electronic transition, seamless and effective document processing is now a critical requirement for most businesses – digital signatures hold the key! 

What Digital Signatures Offer:

  • Confirm the document is authentic and comes from a verified source
  • Signer’s identity is verified by a trusted organisation – Certificate Authority
  • Signature supports non-repudiation
  • Creates tamper-evident seal on document contents
  • Embedded, trusted timestamps support non-repudiation and audit logs

GlobalSign has partnered with the world’s leading document signing services to provide trusted, digital signatures to their users. In addition to Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign, DSS is supported by iText, ILovePDF, and HelloSign.

Why You Need Our Digital Signing Solution:

  • Adherence to industry and legal regulations to ensure delivery of compliant and legal, identity-based eSignatures and Seals.
  • Flexibility and cost-savings to drive growth and spur innovation by replacing paper processes with digital workflows.
  • The power of secure document signing across the entire enterprise from one central location.




GlobalSign is a leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions. Since launching in 1996 we have become one of the world’s top Certificate Authorities, operating from over 12 countries with a global reach. Boasting a successful track record in providing organizations with the tools to accelerate their digital transformation, as well as securing their enterprise with first class PKI security solutions.

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