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Tuesday, February 14th

11AM: Fully automated, scalable PKI solutions for mixed enterprise environments.
Presenter:  Sid Desai - GlobalSign
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1PM: IoT security starts with PKI.
Presenter:  Lancen LaChance - GlobalSign
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2PM: Identity - The foundation for IoT security.
Presenter: Steve Hanna - Infineon 
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3PM: Revolutionize your web service by removing the login page.
Presenter: Keith Uber - Ubisecure (PKI and IAM) 
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4PM: Medical Device Security - A Defense in Depth Perspective using PKI.
Presenter: Loren Shade - Allegro Software 
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Wednesday, February 15th

11AM: Solving 3 major mobile device security challenges with PKI.
Presenter: Evan Wajda - GlobalSign
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1PM: Strong device identities through SRAM PUF-based certificates.
Presenter: James Livingston - Intrinsic ID 
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2PM: Optimizing document workflows and meeting compliance with scalable, trusted digital signatures.
Presenter: Lancen LaChance - GlobalSign
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3PM: Introduction to the Industrial Internet Consortium Security claims evaluation testbed.
Presenter: Dan Isaacs - Xilinx 
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Thursday, February 16th

11AM: Smartphones, Biometrics and PKI - enhancing mobile security 
Presenter: Markku Mehtala - MePIN 
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1PM: Keeping your emails private and protecting against spear phishing with PKI. 
Presenter: Sid Desai - GlobalSign 
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