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Planning for the Unknown: Why IT Leaders Should Focus on Cementing Their Cybersecurity Infrastructure Now, Not Later

Uncertainty is the only thing that’s really ever certain

Whether you’ve already settled on your top IT spending priorities for the year, or you’re still making the tough decisions, even the best-laid plans sometimes need reconfiguring. 

Especially when faced with unprecedented situations and events – like the Covid-19 pandemic – how do you know what projects are going to have the biggest ROI?

Is it wise to initiate new spending at all?

We say yes, when the systems you are setting in place now will pay off in the years to come. Managing your company’s digital identities via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) must be a priority right now – not only will it help support a fully remote workforce, but you are protecting against cyber attacks, data breaches, and other disasters that businesses simply cannot afford to risk right now.

This eBook will cover how CIOs and IT leaders are reshuffling their priorities to maintain business continuity and prepare for whatever known – and unknown – challenges the future may hold.

You'll learn:

  • Why today’s fluid global environment is putting businesses to the ultimate test when it comes to speed and agility
  • Ways to factor security into your digital transformation investment
  • How to conduct natural disaster planning and prepare for challenges like the advent of quantum computing and 5G as well as cyber terrorism
  • Tips for developing organizational resilience in the face of disruptive change

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