GlobalSign Partners with MobileIron Cloud

Preventing Rogue Device Access with Certificate-based Authentication

Simplifying Mobile Security and Authentication

Accessing company networks and resources from mobile devices offers employees greater flexibility to conduct business. However, opening company assets to mobile access can create serious security vulnerabilities. Relying on passwords alone has proven time and again to be insufficient.

So, how can IT make sure employees have access to everything they need without leaving doors open for hackers and other malicious parties?

GlobalSign now offers direct integration with MobileIron to easily deploy digital certificates for mobile authentication to mobile devices. Deploying certificates to mobile devices helps balance employee desire to access email and corporate data on the go, and the need to prevent unauthorized access to key business applications. Through the MobileIron integration, organizations can control which devices, whether they are company issued or employee owned access to corporate networks and resources.

lightbulb-icon.pngKey Benefits of Integration:

  • One interface for all device and certificate management needs
  • Certificate administration can be automated, simplifying deployment and decreasing time and costs for IT
  • Enables employees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or use corporate-owned devices to securely access company applications
  • Prevents rogue device access to corporate networks and resources (e.g., Exchange ActiveSync, WiFi, VPN)
  • Certificate-based authentication adds another layer of security to passwords and reduces password-based MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks
  • Authenticating process is seamless for end users, improving user experience

How the GlobalSign & MobileIron Integration Works

As a Certificate Authority (CA), GlobalSign’s hosted certificate service plugs directly into MobileIron Cloud Admin Portal, making it easy for organizations to deploy mobile device authentication. Certificate provisioning and management is completely automated.

As soon as a new device is registered with MobileIron Cloud, a GlobalSign digital certificate will be issued to the device. The integration relieves IT staff from having to manually install and manage certificates on each employee device, removing administration burdens and decreasing total cost of ownership.

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